Dead Part 1

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*Turn the volume up*

A car hits a man walking in the middle of the road at night...

It's short, but there's more to come.



I really liked the minimalist approach you took to drawing this. It's something you don't see very often on here. I'm erally interested to see where you are taking this. Keep up the good work.

v. watchable

I really liked the camera angles you used, in particular when he smashes in the head of the zombie and we sort of pan down to the crowbar thingy swinging in his hand. Looked a bit rotoscoped, maybe I'm wrong, but I don't mind if it was anyway. You worked it well. A good 4/5 and I'm waiting to see where you're gonna take this :)


this is really good, i am looking forward to the rest, i was surprised when it was a zombie, reminds me of how much i wanna get dead rising! :D

Great work!

Seriously man, the style was perfected and the graphics were dead-on.

Very very good job on it. I am positive that you will keep on making quality flash.

JimmySavage responds:

Thanks! I will.


Man, I gotta tell you. I wouldn't change a thing. The sound effects were perfect. The changing wind sound with the angles, the smashing face and skull...man. And the camera angles to me, were brilliant. Nice work
I wanna tell you to hurry up with part 2, but I wouldnt want you to rush your quality. Excellent, Superb.

JimmySavage responds:

Thanks. I'm working on the storyboard for the second one and another animation at the same time - an 80's style action flick. One of the two will be done within a month I'd say. Reviews like this give me motivation and I'm happy to have given you a minute and a half of entertainment, heh. Thanks again.

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Mar 9, 2006
2:09 AM EST