Mittens Episode 2

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Yet another Mittens outing, enjoy :)


this is hilarious

this is the funniest thing I have ever seen on newgrounds in a long time, and I will be putting this on my favorites (but my favorites list is just like Paris Hilton's vagina. Even if i only like something a little bit, I'll still shove it in there.)

Again, pretty good.

This one looked a little better than the first one in terms of the animation and graphics. Mittens is done pretty well, though I have no idea who the hell that other... thing... was. The humor's still good, and the sound's good, but it still feels liek it was missing something. The weird background looked a little rushed and didn't really appeal to me.


Another episode of this flash. Quite short this flash, but it was quite funny. Not very funny, though. Not much really happened in this flash. Hearing the man in the rest room. A little disturbing, lol. Well, nice work on this flash anyway. I'll see what happens in episodes 3 and 4. :)



Once again, I am surprised by the depths of your insanity. Keep up the good work :-)

phentropy responds:

zomg teh Kain! =^_^=

great stuff!

I am really enjoying this series. Simple graphics with a nicely developed style. Good voices. Mittens resembles the character "Courage the Cowrdly Dog" in many ways, so this is the area to focus on.

Namely, so far you've just had a couple sex jokes; that is going to wear thin/run dry REALLY quickly. You need to expand therefore on the neurosis of Mittens, but you have to really spend some time thinking about what his personality is, with care not to make him into a Courage Dog clone. Do that and you've got a winner!

phentropy responds:

Thanks :) I really appreciate all the constructive criticism I've been getting. I definitely know what you mean about the humor, the next one is much less sex reliant and develops Mittens a bit more :)

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Mar 8, 2006
7:58 PM EST
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