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Hot Topic - Not Punk Rock

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Author Comments

A flash for a song called Hot Topic is Not Punk Rock by McLars. I have met the guy and he is a ledgend. Enjoy.
Wow! Hot Topic are celebrating 30 years of punk! Go them! *rolls eyes*


If you shop at hot topic, your life is a corprate.

Now I don't listen to much punk anymore. I now listen to rockabilly and psychobilly. I have been looking at how dumb the youth have been at buying this crap. Hot topic is so far into making money they will sell anything ( and the store smells bad too!). I found my place in plane shirts,rolled up jeans and why you may ask. Because everyone expects me to dress like a shit bag with baggy pants! I hate baggy pants! So people think it's strange that some 14 year old kid just decides one day to like older music. So be it!

sams11 responds:

wooo! Cheers for review =)

I liked it.

The song is pretty cool, I'd heard it before. G.G. Allin wasn't the best example of punk ever, but I like the idea of the song. I'm guilty of buying a Bad Religion shirt from Hot Topic, but I'm not proud of it, haha.
But yeah, I like what you're doing with the video and all. Added to my favorites. MC Lars is okay too.

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hot topic is the biggest "punk" store ever selling way overpriced clothes to new punx to the scene like me (i was a victim *sniff*). I promise never to set foot in one again and FUCK THEM.
But to the guy a couple things back, the bondage pants on the internet are just as much as, and sometimes more than the ones @ hottopic. and fuck the guy before me because its clear hottopic is trying to be punk because on the website they say 30 YEARS OF PUNK. So yeah. But anyway fucking a, keep it up and i put it on my favorites

sams11 responds:

Thanks dude =)

hot topic is awesome

u suck for makin this. but the guy who made the song is worse. besides hot topic is more for goths like me and not so for punks. punks belong at garbos garage, zumiez, pac sun (for gays), and jorneys, etc. besides the guy who reviewed b4 me, abouthis xpensive bondage pants comment hes wrong, theyre worth it. i have 4 of em, they kick ass. the only bad thing about hot topic is they support green day the gayyest poser band ever.

sams11 responds:

You couldnt make this shit up.....

Fuck the guy who commented before me.

So this was great. I'm glad that someone shares my views of punk and hot topic. I'm a proud punk rocker but one thing that I must say is that the Sex Pistols and The Misfits are punk rock but the stuff being sold at Hot Topic that has their labels on them is not. Oh and you forgot a small part of the song....

"Super Expensive Bondage Pants,
They aren't punk rock!"

Fuck Hot Topic and the asshole who commented before me. Keep up the good work sir.

sams11 responds:

Thanks dude. And yeah i agree. I think about 1/4 the the time i was making this i was wearing my old Pistols shirt =P

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3.32 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2006
3:26 PM EST
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