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David Brookes
(completed 2005)

*NB: For those of you who are surprised to find a short story after clicking on this link, I DID say that that was what it was! Also, people harping on about lack of interactivity, take a closer look - almost every page in Part Two onwards has a hidden link, revealing more about the character.*

A young man finds himself halfway home after a journey he can't remember. Portions of his mind tell him that he has witnessed something harrowing, but won't relinquish any details.

Explore his conscious and subconscious mind in this interactive short story. Discover the character's past, see the seeds of his future, and uncover the pain, guilt and unhappiness that haunts him.

Hope you enjoy! I can be reached via e-mail at: Davidbrookesuk@yahoo.co.


Sucked me in

Your writing really sucked me in. I don't know if stuff like this really fits on newgrounds just yet, but I know I'd like to see more of your writing. Keep up the good work!

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not so great

its just a flash book, its not a movie. or a game, but that's kinda obvious


nice idea but to dull and lacking to attract any real attention

Is this finished?

Newgrounds is a place for animations. There isnt nay actual animation here! I think you need to illustrate the story with animation and sound, definitly add some background noise. If this is supposed ot be an interactive story, put interactivity in it!
hope this helps :-)
it was a nice story though


This...is an interactive story? A game? Where is the interactivity? I think that either I missed something or there is no true way to interact with this thing other than selecting a new page or section. It's a real shame too, because the story is pretty cool.

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1.94 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2006
11:56 AM EST