Bowser's Rage

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Hi every1, this is just a little flash i made, didint take me long, but just wanted to do something different lol. anyways you need flash 8 to play this and Enjoy!


Great use of sprites

I liked the twist of this movie that bowser wins. It was a bit cheesey with the "Haha, this metal box will last forever," but it's pretty good. Good Job.


i can't believe it. bowser actually won one.nevt thing you know the silly rabit will get the trix, a nerd will get laid by the hottest girl in school, wrestling will become real, and micheal jackson will stop touching little boys. thats a good turn in the world.

pretty good but a bit of a downer

*SPOILER* Hey that was a great flash!!!! BOWSER ROCKS! But...aww man I hate the way the Bros. died like that...you didn't even give Luigi a chance! (Well, it was to show that bowser was totally deadly though). Great idea that Bowser won for once, but not even the tinyest hint or possible hint for all those mario bros. die-hards that there was any chance that the guys would be ok (well they were squished but there is such a thing caled a Life shroom) ...well. Way to kill off the heroes o_O. But decent flash, keep it up.

Not True

Dont they know that the Mario Brothers never fail? I hate it when people make movies of people killing my child hood heros.

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luigi-dude12 responds:

well my movie isn't the only one...

This is pretty good!!!

I like the sprites but they would be better in good graphics. Godd story aswell!!!

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3.54 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2006
1:39 AM EST
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