Sift Heads

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You need a good computer to play this game.

Cheats :
Invincible / MAFIOSO
Infini Ammo / VINNIE

Update ::::::
I know : the voices really suck... and i'm sorry for that :D!



This game rulez! I can't beat the Tony and Eli mission, but its cool!


yep over all fav game of the week keep up the good work DONT PISS ME OFF ps NUFC are mint!

Cool Game. Nice Weapons.

This game is cool. Cool enough that I'm adding it to my favorites. I love the way you get more weapons other than a sniper rifle. The car level was pretty cool. The car level was fun and entertaining. Anyway, the game got a bit difficult on some levels, but that's great! I hate games that are so boring they're not even fun. This one had just about perfect difficulty. I only gave the Humor a 1 because, well, killing people could be funny to some people, not me, but i guess i give it a 1. If I could give a half I would. The sound was alright. I mean, the M4A1 sounded bad and the sniper should be louder and should have an after-thingy. You know, the PEWWWWW that's after the shot. The graphics were good. Better than most sniping games I've played. The black and white was great for this game. One more thing. A sequel. Make one. Good-bye. That was my review.

Seen it done it but fun to do it again.

That's how it feels to play this its fun and I liked it but it feels like all the other shooters out there some one needs to bring on the WASD. I want to move my man not just stay still with a sniper rifle killing everyone also another good idea would be to let people walk around in a city and your the sniper and you just get to shoot who ever you feel like shooting that would be fun and I would enjoy that. But this game feels like its been done before but at least the graphics are simply amazing for a flash, oh and I really liked the sights on all the guns. Very spiffy, good work and make something a little more challenging next time and in a city maybe a where's Waldo shoot 'em up.

Not bad, but

It's not a bad game. but a bit simplistic.

the guy who reviewed before me needs to learn engrish if he's going to write in the langrage.

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4.01 / 5.00

Mar 7, 2006
11:14 AM EST
Action - Shooter - First Person