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The Iceman

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Ok, there isn´t special to say....

hope you enjoy it! ;)

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not your best

the grpahics and the sound were good as usual but i thought the ending wasnt that funny though.... are you still working on "Boy's Journey"?

HaroldSmith responds:

ok, this flash film was a "quickie" without any preperation...so i think "The Boy´s Journey" thing --- are i still working for ;) --- will be better... ;) without any jokes...

ehh....good graphics, but the joke is the killer

I thought the graphics and animation were good. And the song selection was a good choice too.....but I didn't think the joke was very funny. And it took wayyyy too long for the joke to be delivered....it's dissapointing because it had decently-good graphics and an interesting concept, but the drawn out joke at the end KILLED IT!
I had an idea that the ice cream man would be unusual or weird, but this was so basic!
The second you see the cone going for the boy's eye....it ends!....where's the drama? the gore? the horror?! The next frame is just a bland, somewhat cliched(beware of the dog signs joke) "beware the iceman" notice. Should we be scared of the ice cream men now?

Also, i noticed you named him the "iceman." My original concept of an iceman was like either a superhero or someone who was able to create or emit ice outside of their own normal human scope, the ugly monster that lived on top of Ice Rock or just the plain guy who delivered ice(not ice cream) to customers. that's just my idea of what I thought an iceman was.....i think what you meant to mean was "ice cream man"....but i dunno! maybe I'm looking way into its meaning.....
Well, good job anyway!! Interesting style and decent graphics.


excellent i want one now u've made me hungry lol, thats a good flash, much better than the ones i made then again i'm a twat :P

Holy Iceman.....

Damn, pore kid.
Good movie, could be better.

holy crizzap

i was hoping for a good ending where the kid got his ice cream and loved it......thanks for ruining it for me

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Mar 7, 2006
10:06 AM EST

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