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Miss Dynamite XIX

rated 3.96 / 5 stars
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Mar 7, 2006 | 9:13 AM EST

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  • Miss Dynamite
    Miss Dynamite Hot anime chicks in skimpy outfits... Brutal violence... And PS2! Heaven!

Author Comments

This is the result of the Miss Dynamite "Create a Nemesis" contest. The winner was Sean F. Barnes aka

Adamfirst and his creation, Cliff Jenkins, featured in this episode.
Kagome worked to improve her rendering of Eva, I like it.
It's easy to skrew up with Roman numerals.
The sound should be ok, but turn up your volume.
I love bluegrass; Toby Keith sucks.

I'll also answer some questions and inquiries about the last episode (mecha dynamite).
- I read all your reviews.
- I'd like to know what the real Elian would think of it too.
- The Backstreet Boys are all dead, make the count.
- I'm not doing the polls anymore because it's too complicated.
- If you don't like tweens, go see a Disney movie. I'm not gonna work 300 days to draw 1 minute of frame-

by-frame animation.
- The original VA can't do it anymore, it's out of my control.
- If you don't like the absurd, you probably shouldn't watch Miss Dynamite.
- Meka, mecha, who cares.
- Optimus Prime doesn't have lips, so he can't french Eva.
- They were playing the Atari version of Empire on the PS2, just like that.
- Elian speaks in Spanish, not French (c'mon!).
- I'm not gonna do gore and blood and every episode, it would get old quickly.
- There are bouncy boobies, just pay attention.
- Yes, Eva smokes and it's bad. But she's also a terrorist. So which is worst?
- No it didn't totally ruin the series.
- Worse than powerpuff girls? I love the powerpuff girls.
- Elian is Cuban, not Mexican.
- Seriously, I don't want to draw the Backstreet Boys again.
- Yes, the hispanic guy dies, it's so racist!
- Thanks for the 84% of excellent reviews!



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good stuff

"Bomb Canada!" with a picture of Italy is a stroke of comic genius, good work.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

That was cool man.

Good job.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Propper Funny!

This one had to be one the the funniest I've ever seen! :D It's so funny man, I also love playing with the "I 'aint no gawd dang racist" speech at the end :D !


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Whatever happened to the good old Miss Dynamite?

This was absolute crap in every sence of the word. It's been quite painful watching this once great series decline into shorter and crappier episodes with no memorable moments or laughs for that matter. The entire comic effort is put into some random redneck who was introduced so that a friend of the Sirkowski could have a role, and ends up dragging the whole episode down with him. I mean the entire episode never even gets off the ground; a redneck chases Eva and Blackie (who has about 5 seconds of screen time) who are using his trailer to get away from the police and they end up running into the New Orleans levies in a lame and bad attempt to be controversial to get this episode attention. That's the entire episode right there. Along the way this guy uses the N-word in each of the whole 3 sentences he says: it doesn't offend me at all, but Sirkowski really has to think about a better way to not only create characters, but also devote more time to the plot too. Why is New Orleans even joked about anyway? It's totally pointless, as the result yields no laughs, or even controversy for that matter. Spending time on that really takes away from redeveloping the fun old adventures the pair used to have.
The voice acting sucked, and so did the dialogue. There's not even a quarter page worth of lines here, and none of it even sounding like it belongs in a Miss Dynamite episode. The actress playing Miss Dynamite doesn't even sound like she's trying. In fact, she only sounds like she's doing it because she's got a gun to her head. The Redneck sounds like he's standing three feet away from the microphone and not even trying either.
The art was the only thing that saved this from being a total turd. It's very professionally done. But the animation could have been a lot better and more finished. I don't give a shit about tweens or frame by frame, but there are some parts where it just plain fails; like the redneck's eyes when he says "The (whatever) stole my moonshine!" and where the truck explodes.
If you don't have time to make a good episode anymore, then just take the time that would be devoted to other average to bad range episodes that seem to be getting crapped out (almost forcefully) a lot lately and focus it on big good ones.
When I saw the description on the front page a month ago describing this as "worse then Katrina", I never thought that something would match the toll of that disaster, but apparently this episode really gave it a run for the money.

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Miss Dynamite going soft?

Blood and gore would get old??? What happened to that good ole ravenously psychopathic Miss Dynamite? What happened to the girl of insatiable rage with a thirst for horror and torture? What happened to the women I ... fell in love with?

Do I have a problem?