Miss Dynamite XIX

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This is the result of the Miss Dynamite "Create a Nemesis" contest. The winner was Sean F. Barnes aka

Adamfirst and his creation, Cliff Jenkins, featured in this episode.
Kagome worked to improve her rendering of Eva, I like it.
It's easy to skrew up with Roman numerals.
The sound should be ok, but turn up your volume.
I love bluegrass; Toby Keith sucks.

I'll also answer some questions and inquiries about the last episode (mecha dynamite).
- I read all your reviews.
- I'd like to know what the real Elian would think of it too.
- The Backstreet Boys are all dead, make the count.
- I'm not doing the polls anymore because it's too complicated.
- If you don't like tweens, go see a Disney movie. I'm not gonna work 300 days to draw 1 minute of frame-

by-frame animation.
- The original VA can't do it anymore, it's out of my control.
- If you don't like the absurd, you probably shouldn't watch Miss Dynamite.
- Meka, mecha, who cares.
- Optimus Prime doesn't have lips, so he can't french Eva.
- They were playing the Atari version of Empire on the PS2, just like that.
- Elian speaks in Spanish, not French (c'mon!).
- I'm not gonna do gore and blood and every episode, it would get old quickly.
- There are bouncy boobies, just pay attention.
- Yes, Eva smokes and it's bad. But she's also a terrorist. So which is worst?
- No it didn't totally ruin the series.
- Worse than powerpuff girls? I love the powerpuff girls.
- Elian is Cuban, not Mexican.
- Seriously, I don't want to draw the Backstreet Boys again.
- Yes, the hispanic guy dies, it's so racist!
- Thanks for the 84% of excellent reviews!


wow, tough croud.

Ok, first the review.

Graphics, good but not great. Mabey I am just missing the megatron/eva from the last episode.

Style: I like it.

sound: a little grainy this time around it seems. Redneck Rob's accent was wrong though. he sounds like he was from closer to Hazard county.

Violence: a total let down. The only thing that got shot was a old camper full of shine. and the only ones to get hurt are all those poor people who have chosen to make there home right around a F***ING RIVER when most of their town sits below sea level. I am seriosu. I work on barges on the river and the canals in the area. when you are going through the locks from the intra coastal to the mississippi river, even BEFORE you go up into the river (during the fall when the river is low you will still go up 4 or 5 feet higher than the canal) you are looking down at peoples roofs. sorry went on a little rant there.

humor: really should only be a 6-7 but I am giving you a bonus for having a pair bigg enough to say the N-word even though the narow minded people here pstopepd listening as soon as they heard it and now you are a racist. I suspect that somewhere there is a petition to have you lynched, shot, account deleted, and tied to a chair and your balls nailed to it although in that order.

well I hope XX comes out soon and take care.

You made front page...nuff said

Exellent movie mate, I'm gonna check out your other ones now, Everybody who says this was a racist movie are appearntly racist themselves as they are not looking to the deeper meaning of the movie. ANd hey..racism is a part of life...iuts a part of an ignorent way of life...and you are just showcasing that in a comedic stand...Well then, and good for you!

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How to become a racist in 10 seconds flat.

Oh noes!! Racial Slurs... OMG!! The people reviewing this submission must be the same people calling Mark Twain a racist for having his characters say the N word in his books. Now if you had made a flash where Miss Dynamite saved New Orleans from city destroying N*****s, then I'd call you a racist, and you most certainly would be. In this case, the person you're making fun of is an ignorant, racist, country bumpkin. The fact that the villian is a racist does not make you a racist. ---- duh

Now that that's off my chest, I really like the submission, though it wasn't my favorite in the series. Looking forward to number 20. (And next time, your villian should litterally say "Those God Dang N-words stole my moonshine!")

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Sirkowski responds:

And I bet the people complaining are all white.


I find that super offensive.I really like your other cartoons,though.D**n you just ruined it for me, and yourself.

Um, sorry, no

Normally I'd rate these cartoons high on my list but this one was really bad. The blatent use of the word "ni**er" was something that made me raise and eyebrow. You were doing so well and this ruind it a bit for me. You can do better than that.

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Mar 7, 2006
9:13 AM EST