Runaway Kart

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The Dark King is about to release the Black Plague upon the kingdom. Find and distribute the antidote before everyone dies (or I guess you could be a sadist and just let them all die)

- Arrows (or A and D) to steer
- P to pause
- V to switch view
- Q to toggle quality

This game has been a beast to build... please read all these notes for full info

Main game engine is pseudo-3D, which is quite CPU-intensive, so if it shows lag, try switching to medium quality (use Q). This is also the reason that the graphics are quite simple: the game (or rather, the average PC) simply can't handle complex graphics in a 3D engine.
Game has two modes - STORY (hard and easy have different endings), and SURVIVAL (online 500-place scoreboard, bonus pick-ups)
Many thanks to Ani-x for the animations and the majority of graphics, to Dan for the game concept, and to the various AP musicians for the audio

This game was supposed to have been submitted before the end of Feb, so it's a week late - I underestimated the amount of time required to insert cutscenes and subtitles. I'm quite happy with it, though, hopefully it was worth the delay. I'll warn you now, hard mode is HARD

Thanks for playing



it was good but got boring becouse you just turn left n right

Cool Game

It's a pretty fun game, the graphics are excellent. The only criticism I have is that it's a bit repetitive. Good work, though.


I'm not a big fan of Focus games, those being games that only really test how long you can keep your mind on one thing. This one I thought was okay, extra points for excellent clevage.

I wouldnt say that hard mode is harder, more boring actually because its the same thing just more if it. I expected hard mode to be faster paced or more obstacles, maybe slower reaction on turning.

It was pretty good

It was very enjoyable i liked it.

Very nice.

Awesome job with the pseudo-3d, it's very well scripted. I really enjoyed this one. The graphics are fairly good, the sounds are good enough, gameplay is good, storyline is great...good job all around.

As a side not, that girl's pretty dang hawt.

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3.90 / 5.00

Mar 7, 2006
6:07 AM EST
Skill - Avoid