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Red Riding Hood

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Author Comments

Hello there! its been a while!
This is based of course on the real tale from the grims.
but I've twisted it a bit, in a... negative way?
I was inspired by "Jin Roh" if you've seen that movie, you'll know what I'm talking about.
well just enjoy it!

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This was really cool story!

Something is off about this version...

Very nice.

plot hole aside, this was a good flash. i question red not performing a Kano heart rip though on the wolf.

Yeeeeaaahhh... I call BS on this. No offense but if she was strong enough to PUNCH A SOLID IRON CORSET off, she'd go through that wolf like a HAMMER THROUGH WET TISSUE PAPER, well furry wet tissue paper at the very least. Sorry, thems the breaks... if she was as strong as you said this would have ended with a mortal kombat fatality on the wolf!