West Pole TV 1

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**3/7/06** my 6th daily feature and front page, thanks!

-i am myself a FOREIGNER, and am not trying to promote AMERICAN standards. but im sure you have a sense of humor and know how to laugh at yourself-
This is my 6th episode so far! Another wacky cartoon from the animator who brought you Final Fantasy Day Care, with the potential of becoming a series! A group of kids open a stand to sell water and make a quick buck, but the Soviets try to beat them. Can capitalism win once again? (i have no idea what im saying, so just enjoy!)

Note that this has mild Sexual Themes, but im sure you can handle it.



Racey jokes. Making fun of an asian guy's eyes really isn;t nice. And foreigners don't take all jobs. They take jobs that you and I are too rich or proud to take, like, cleaning washrooms. The elites are not foreigners.

That aside, nice animation. Good flow of story, didn't halt nor zoom. Nicely drawn. Decent voice acting. Usually, its terrible, but this one was bearable :P

DeuceNine responds:

thanks for reviewing. but im sorry, some people just dont seem to have a sense of humor and cant laugh at something that is a stereotype. and i am a foreigner myself, so i wasnt just making fun of them, i was making fun of me too.

see i can laugh at myself! i got a sense of humor!

stop bashing the soviets!

look, even though I hated the fact that you guys like bashing commies, the bit with those shock things and the soviet screaming "ahhhg, my nipples!" was funny enough to stop me blamming you. Be grateful.

DeuceNine responds:

im not sure if you understood the overall point of this animation. I wasnt making fun of the soviets, the americans were my main target. In fact, if you paid attention, the soviet guys didnt do anything wrong. The Americans were the ones that took a drastic approach to get rid of competition. So, no, i wasnt "bashing the commmies".

Good Show

Liked it kinda sorta funny. Stereotypically funny lol, sumthin i would do... Nice keep up the good work a little more enthusiasm on the voices would be nice but still good cuz it gives them character as well...


Personally, I think using alot of characters in flash doesen't make alot of sense given the time constraints. The redheaded guy with braces is a direct rip-off from College University, a much funnier series.
I didn't quite get the Pac-Man joke.

I simply didn't find the flash overly funny, but I did watch all 7 minutes.

Most of your characters looked the same. Once again, the redheaded guy was a really generic geek stereotype. The humor and the characters in general just seemed watered down to me.

Rather Boring.

I've had just about enough of these flashes with several teenagers just hanging out and screwin' around. The only one that has pulled it off, in my opinion, is "Tomorrow's Nobodies". What I enjoyed most about your movie was the graphics. Nice job with the animation and art. However, the humor was godawful. I was sitting through the flash thinking, "where are the jokes, buddy?" There was one decent one - the Ryan Seacrest joke, but one OK joke for a six minute movie seems a bit lacking to say the least. The voice actors were above average, and besides some lack of enthusiasm, they were pretty good. Overall, this wasn't bad by any means. However, the low humor rating and the excessive amount of these type of flashes really took away from what could have been, a fantastic flash. Keep at it.

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4.17 / 5.00

Mar 6, 2006
7:57 PM EST
Comedy - Original
  • Frontpaged March 7, 2006
  • Daily Feature March 7, 2006
  • Weekly 3rd Place March 8, 2006