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I know it's not so good but i like it, try to make the 5x5 grid ;P

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I love games like this.

To milinko959;
There are no new ideas anymore, pretty much everything is a rip off of someone else's idea(s). Also the author never claimed to have created the game. Originality is a thing of the past, the only thing you can do now is tweak it.

To NG-Shanto;
I think you're just an idiot who can't appreciate intellectual games.

To the author;
I like what you did with the game, but my complaints/suggestions are basically the same as everyone else... Music, some sort of indication of accomplishment, and not making the hint so readily available. I really like this, hope to see more games from you.

cool one

it was a very interesting game, but i think the the solution shouldn't be avaliable so easily. maybe if the solution was unlockable or maybe available by losing and then using it as a brief guideline for the next time. speaking of which... a time limit would've been good for this game too.

I kinda liked it.

I'm not usually into mathematical stuff because I'm more of an artist, but I liked the cleverness of this. The idiot that said not to waste space was nothing more than an idiot, and doesn't apreciate good flash. Keep up the great work, 5/5 ^_^

Not as bad as people are saying.......

I liked it. It was hard, but the lack of sound and a "YOU WIN!" screen are NOT GOOD for a game to have, but the score looks promising.......

...Don't waste space with your games.

Look I am not saying you suck at making games no wait I am you need to take a hammer and destroy your computer and then your fingers so you can never make a game like this again...

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2.70 / 5.00

Mar 6, 2006
4:31 PM EST
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