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A Friend Like Me: Part 1

rated 1.88 / 5 stars
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Mar 6, 2006 | 8:20 AM EST

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Author Comments



I have just been reading a lot of flames about how slow-paced and boring this flash is. I should have mentioned before that this story isn't exactly for most people. If you don't like my taste, just don't vote. If you'll review just to tell me how damn sick you are of people that talk like that, b*tch about it somewhere else.

I understand the problems with the animation, specifically a lack thereof. I can't really do much about this one, but I promise more of it in Part 2.

...And for the LOVE OF GOD, this isn't about ME. It's fictional, the characters are fictional, the whole d*mn flash is fictional. And if you have a problem with that, download a couple of "Foamy's Rant" episodes and learn the moral.


Unfortunately, there are some bugs here that I really have trouble fixing. I was hoping to postpone myself from submitting this, but I need the response of the viewers to know whether or not I should even continue with this story.

This is basically the first part of a story I made with the same title. It talks about an outcast that finds friendship and love at the same time, and at a short amount of time to boot. This part gives the background of the main character.

You might want to read fairly quickly, though. I haven't featured the ability to stop or start in fear that it would ruin the whole setup and the mood. If others think differently, please review.

Revision History:
3/21/2006: Renewed the thumbnail.
3/7/2006: Added animations.
Added a mouse.
3/6/2006: Initial submission launched.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Its Kind Of Sad...

The Intro to this Described the First 18 Years of My Life Perfectly... I Grew up in a Small Town, Never Talked Much and was Always the Kid who Got Picked On... My Parents Treated me Like Dirt, and I Never got out much Since I Was Grounded So Much... I Rarely Laughed or Smiled, (And Quite Honestly Still Never Do) and Then Half Way Through My 18th Year of My Life, The Girl Of My Dreams Became Single at Last... I Made My Move, and I'm Still With Her To This Day... I Plan on Never Letting Her Go Either. It's Still Hard to Smile, and I Cringe sometimes When i Want to, When i Want to Cry, I can't Shed a Single Tear, and When Something is Funny, its Hard to Laugh...

Someday...Hopefully I Will Change This Habit...

On Topic:

Great Film, and I Really Look Forward to Seeing the Next One =], Also The Selection of Music was Perfect, I Happened to Stumble across This When i Was Listening To Dan's "Tears of Divinity" Song, And I'm Glad I Did.

5/5 10/10

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

welcome to my world lol

some people are like this because they are afraid to be rejected and worry about future cosenquences and all that crap and once you know them they are normal or oppisite on what they tend to be. i didnt know about this stuff till i learned about this until 2 weeks eariler. internet is easier cuz you can be your self and they dont kno who you are thats why you put this flash on. if this was a class project i know you wouldn't present this i know i wouldnt. kind of slow but it reminds me of... me! ^_^

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice job and thanks.

Nice touching story, I look forward to more. I'm glad my music could help with your story of love. Keep up the good work, looks like you are getting the hang of flash!

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Quite Awsome

I am honored to have my work featured in this quality story. Of course... it is indeed a story more than it is an animation... but it effectively uses flash presentation as an appropriate outlet for what I believe to be a touching memory and/or fictional story. Great work here mate... and thanks for using my music :).

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Hitori-Toma responds:

Hey, dude, thanks for making your great music in the first place, or else I never would've had this story launched. :)


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not bad

You know I can relate, but drugs was my her. Well I don't use drugs anymore(I just used them to escape from my life for a bit after a series of unfortunate events), but during that excursion, I did meet my wife. At any rate it was nicely done, I just wish it was a little faster and the animation wasn't all blur effects. You should also give that large red text texture. There is also plenty of time to read the stuff, I could actually read it two and half times before it would disappear.