Foamy Fucks Germaine

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This is a parody, where Foamy slips Germaine some ruffies and then fullfills all his squirrelly sexual fantasies with one passed out Germaine. It's teh hot!

*Note - This is not from the creator of Foamy. Its not a hate flash against Foamy or its creator. Clearly a sexual parody that is naughty and funny. I like the series, Shockey Monkeys for everyone!


why did you make this

you call this a parody, jonathon ian mathers would sue your ass if he knew about this.

mate, this is possibly the most perverted animation i've ever seen and i think you should be ashamed of yourself for making it, if you like foamy the squirrel that much, why did you blaspheme him with this..........THING!!!

it's not fun, it's not funny, it's sick, Illwillpress doesnt even show his characters nude but you've gone and taken it up 567 notches, and the sound is terrible.

other than that, i must compliment you on your good job of character design because that part was almost flawless.

PureCarnage responds:

I made it because I had nothing better to do with my life.


Just nasty. The animation was average. But the red cock was kinda creepy.

This was mot even remotely funny.Foamy is grossed out bu that concept and ghe admits it.


You just made a toon involving rape.
With Foamy. Foamy, being a squirrel.

Here - man, if you get off on this stuff then that's fair enough.

But I wouldn't have posted something like that, personally speaking.

I couldn't make out a single word that Foamy said.

But apart from that.. it made me laugh before it introduced the date rape drug thought. so.. I guess that has some value.


This is horrible.....just horrible rape is disgsting....

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3.17 / 5.00

Mar 5, 2006
4:18 PM EST
Comedy - Parody