Goku the Real Story INTRO

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The action packed, emotion filled, introduction movie to the "Goku Real Story" series.
A must for old school anime fans, with cameos from the casts of "Cowboy Bebop", "Berserk", "Samurai X", "Ninja Scroll", "Samurai Champloo" and of course... Arnold Schwarzenegger.

If you like this go check out my "Goku the Real Story" series.

NOTE: you must have flash 8 to watch.



Most amusing, hur hur hur. Mmm, lots of big, muscley men...

Only slightly better than acctual DBZ.

The music got anoying very quickly. I didn't finish watching it, it was just too lame. Was this a music video for the song or was this supposed to have some other point to it? What was with the Beserk and other non-DBZ-related anime? The constant sliding character's from random angles into the screen was really lame...I'm not even going to bother going on, this was just really lame. Big LAMEO score for you.

GringoJago responds:

LOL, if you don't like DBZ, then luckily your opinion means absolutely nothing, ROFL.

Not bad, but does need work

A bit rough around the edges, but some good work though.

not that great

was better than the one you submitted b4, but still needs some work


That was awesome! Even though I haven't watched DBZ in like...years, that was still so good! Ok ok..Review:

Graphics: Beautiful. You got some talent with drawing. =D
Style: Well, I haven't really seen anything like this, but DBZ is kinda a NG fad..
Sound: The music was pretty catchy and annoying at the same time. =D
Violence: Yay! Goku kicking butt. Yeah!

Overall: I really liked this one. You should be proud. Can't wait for the real story. =P


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3.89 / 5.00

Mar 5, 2006
5:29 AM EST
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