Dual Swords

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my first and maybe my last try on making a movie?using flash... well... thats it....

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I'm sorry, but the beginning story goes too fast; I could'nt read it. The fighting wasn't very well animated, and the jokes weren't very good. You have the worst grammar I've ever seen. Since I didn't read the story, because it was too fast, I didn't understand what was happening, other than the guy attacking the other guy. Only three hours? C'mon, you can put more time into than that.

pretty good

The flash was pretty good. But u need to add some voices for the characters and mabey when they fight add a bit more animation to it. I bet if u did u would of gotten front page easily. Good flash by the way.

Good attempt, but not very interesting.

It was pretty to look at but it became boring after a while. And How exactly where they flying up while falling down?

see my vote and my opinion plz!!

Well i gave u a 4 cuase i personally think it is awsome, i used to make stuff like that all the time so plz make more i really enjoyed it i look forward to seeing more!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks for the entertainment

reojionline responds:

Thank for your kind comment.I need to learn better englishi and I will try to make another one ,its kinda hard to make one of this there is a lot I need to learn and work to do especially the animtion part.

Oh well

I liked it quite good for a first timer.

You should animate more fluently, but this comes with experience. At least you didn't do stick figures, and the way the hair and clothes looked during the first scene in the wind was quite nice, actually.

The thing i didn't like where the jokes. Don't try to be funny so hard, just make one or two good jokes and stick to the plot and the action.

On an other note, what was the Music that played during the fight? I liked it.

reojionline responds:

the music was from asian kung-fu generation
song title rewrite and thank for your kind comment.i will try to animate more
and may be get better and learn better english

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3.00 / 5.00

Mar 4, 2006
6:53 PM EST
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