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Burnt Face Man 6

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Author Comments

It's another one for whoever wants it. Another 5 minute episode (5 minutes seems to be the standard these days) Hope you like it.


fat-pie.com / burntfaceman.com

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Piping hot grape juice

Great to see Burnt Face Man doing his own episode. The funniest part was when he tried to blame the narrator. Well, the narrator did burn that dog. I should have known Bastard Man would appear. The deadpan voices work so well.

Who knew you'd be so good with comedy? Well, you did use dark humor a lot. I think most cartoons are more like four minutes. Well, this still kept the jokes going. I'm getting used to Suggestion Boy.

RIP Announcer

"that was shitty turd gay man"

this series is awsome
but uhh keep ur kids away from him he fondles them

try announcing now you fanny!

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahahah ahahahha.............................
.................heh lol