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Wow, front page thank you guys so much. As for the confusion, no, he is not the I.G. Though they pose a striking resemblence. My plan was to make him look as humanly as possible so you can retlate. It's finally done. I'm surprised I made a flash that didn't include Ken and the gang, but I say that's a good thing. This is totally not related to them at all. This flash is more serious that the other ones but still good I think. I began this in January upon hearing a song. It is about 5:30 min. long and is 11185 frames long. The fps is 35. I hope you all enjoy this one, it's a load off my back. See if you can tell why I chose this title for the flash.


I liked it

I liked it, although.... I kept on waiting for him to tip over while he was running (while showing from the side view) , if you know what I mean. And for some reason.... I don't know why, I was happy when he got crushed, I felt for some reason, he didn't deserve to live outside the forest. Also the guns looked a bit outa place on him.

Something new for a change.

I loved the "storyline" of it... the graphics werent top-notch but didnt really seem to bother me, keep it up.

Wish that robot made it to Utopia though...

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Vuny responds:

Maybe next time. lol

that was pretty cool

that was some good animation the story line was good but the ending was sad

Wow, Emotional

I like to see people get away from humor and violence once and while.

Graphics were decent, needs some work. Smooth it out, add some shading, play around with it, and your style is good, effective for bring characters to life. Again, needs some work but not bad at all.

Sound is good, I like the fact that its just music and no sound effects. It makes the mood better and you focus more on whats going on.

Interactivity is very little. Good menus, clean and effective.

Humor is none, again this is a more serious animation.

Overall, good work, room for improvement but good. Opening credits were good. I like the presentation. Try experiementing with some new styles to make the credits more appealing. Keep it up.

Um... Why?

I mean its nice, the robot trying to get to his mechanical utopia, but why where the plant/animals attacking him, they had no reason too, and purly from an animalistic perspective it was to thier disadvantage they couldn't like eat him or anything. Other than that fact which I dont get and hope you will anwser for me I thought it was a nice little animation.

Vuny responds:

I'm trying to let the audience see a perspective in where nature is the bad guys for once. That's what thier motive was, or mine anyways. ^ ^

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3.81 / 5.00

Mar 3, 2006
9:24 PM EST