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Wow, front page thank you guys so much. As for the confusion, no, he is not the I.G. Though they pose a striking resemblence. My plan was to make him look as humanly as possible so you can retlate. It's finally done. I'm surprised I made a flash that didn't include Ken and the gang, but I say that's a good thing. This is totally not related to them at all. This flash is more serious that the other ones but still good I think. I began this in January upon hearing a song. It is about 5:30 min. long and is 11185 frames long. The fps is 35. I hope you all enjoy this one, it's a load off my back. See if you can tell why I chose this title for the flash.



y did he have 2 die!?!?! man anyway good job


This acctually brought a tear to my eye. I'm not going to give anything away, because we want people to watch it, but I was genually sad for this guy.

The sound got very repetative, but even so it was livable (Doesn't grind your mind very much). The artwork was a bit sketchy, and (especially in the beginning) it's hard to tell what everything all is.

I watched the movie expecting an epic tale with a heroic end, and I got a long path with a sad finish; but I still liked it.

PS. Not sure why those things were after him, or where they come form, exactly.

Great music, ok art

Brilliant use of music; it really added to the feeling of the flash. The expressions of the robot were really good too, but you should've focused on it's reaction when it first saw the city.

That said, the animation was really jumpy at times and the art was decent but nothing new. There were quite a blanks in the story that could've contributed a lot, like, the robot could've escaped from a forest prison.

Vuny responds:

lol, great idea.

Not too shabby

I dug it. The animation was really cool and I liked the animation style. framerate was a little slow for my taste, that may have been to go along with the music style though. I think you could've fit a little more into the story too. overall it was definetly nice--depressing, I suppose, but nice nonetheless.

overall ok

So close and yet so far..Great movie.

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3.81 / 5.00

Mar 3, 2006
9:24 PM EST