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Wow, front page thank you guys so much. As for the confusion, no, he is not the I.G. Though they pose a striking resemblence. My plan was to make him look as humanly as possible so you can retlate. It's finally done. I'm surprised I made a flash that didn't include Ken and the gang, but I say that's a good thing. This is totally not related to them at all. This flash is more serious that the other ones but still good I think. I began this in January upon hearing a song. It is about 5:30 min. long and is 11185 frames long. The fps is 35. I hope you all enjoy this one, it's a load off my back. See if you can tell why I chose this title for the flash.


et tu brute

dude harsh ending, but not bad overall.
Keep em coming, i look forward to your future work.

(Someones been watching the iron giant.)

Vuny responds:

Hey, it's life. lol


Hey dont worry what others said about this flash... it is pretty cool and with allot of meaning, the animation is excelent. Even thugh the ending is very used (i know you are inspired on a book) you could go farther wirh your creativity...

Good Work

Vuny responds:

Thank you for seeing the meaning.

That was the longest freaking road I've ever seen

I'm just going to list up what I didn't like about your flash. I know the 'You did good' list is a hell of a lot shorter, but it really sucked...

1. The music [AAAAAAARGH... it was irritating horrible and so on...]
2. I don't know about you, but it takes prly 30 seconds to tell your lame flashstory... So if you wan't to make an other flash just like this, please label it 'retard' so you get some good ratings out of pitty
3. Red eyes, more red eyes, even more red eyes, green things with red eyes, [shocking] a big green arm [just loving green aint it??], robot stuck, robot free... And some more green arms.
4. Other than summing your story in 3 lines it isn't very interresting... [Who gives a shit?!]
5. Who the fuck put this on frontpage???

So, that's about it... Work on it or just kill yourself, but stop irritating me with your flash's

Vuny responds:

Well, no one did put a gun to your head and tell you to watch it, or did they? lol You're like those kids that pretty much ask for it. Don't take it out on me, but you self. But I'm glad you summed it up for our audience, only you can do that. lol


God damn you people. Nobody seems to understand what CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM is...

It wasn't the best flash I've ever seen, but it needn't have gottenthe review it has. The idea was great, and well done with the soundtrack.

I'd have to categorize this in Absurdist (which isn't a rating, it's a style)

No matter how hard we try, we cannot win...

Not that great...

Tries to hard to be profound but ends up becoming boring. There are also plot holes (Why didn't the robot use his weapons to begin with?).

I feel that you need to give the characters clearer goals. The graphics could use a bit of work as well.

Vuny responds:

He's a pacafist, he doesn't like to resort to violence.

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3.81 / 5.00

Mar 3, 2006
9:24 PM EST