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Wow, front page thank you guys so much. As for the confusion, no, he is not the I.G. Though they pose a striking resemblence. My plan was to make him look as humanly as possible so you can retlate. It's finally done. I'm surprised I made a flash that didn't include Ken and the gang, but I say that's a good thing. This is totally not related to them at all. This flash is more serious that the other ones but still good I think. I began this in January upon hearing a song. It is about 5:30 min. long and is 11185 frames long. The fps is 35. I hope you all enjoy this one, it's a load off my back. See if you can tell why I chose this title for the flash.


overall ok

So close and yet so far..Great movie.


That was great, it really deserved the front page. Great job!

Vuny responds:

Thank you for that. ^ ^

Awe Inspiring

Where did you get those pics for the cities? This was a good story...it looked just great and the theme was very nice. Sad, but nice. Would like to see more about this world you've created.

not bad

this was a neat little story. the ending seemed too sudden, but it got my attention. it kind of reminded me of The Iron Giant.

Vuny responds:

Yup, I got that alot, but it wasn't inteded, perhaps out stories have become a bit generic.


This was one of those amazing flashes that really shows how an artist, or flash maker in this case can make such an amazing story come to life with just music..you kind of knew what the character spoke through his actions and expressions. Amazing job, 5 for you guys.

Vuny responds:

Thank, I'm glad you got that from my animation.

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3.81 / 5.00

Mar 3, 2006
9:24 PM EST