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Final Mog

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Author Comments

Well after all the problems i had =p
Here it is! Final Mog!
I just want you to enjoy it ( or try ^^')
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Okay,I have to admit this was pretty creative,some jokes were lame but they kinda worked but despite that the art and animation was pretty good aswell




wow... I only saw this now... but yeah! I like it... Old fashioned Final Fantasy Fun...
Whats with the focus of FF9 BGMs? lol

Love the jokes, lame but funny.
As for the art, well.. Its somewhat average I'll say... The dialogue could speed up a little too..
Great choice of music.... (CHORUS: "SEPHIROTH!")

Damn Chorus

I have a chorus too so I can relate. Only it isn't composed of black cloaked cult members. It made up of talking potatoes. I never go hungry but they can't sing at all.

Them clones are good eatin'!

That light weaght obviosly wasint the real siver haired Sword -pimp we all know and love to hate!
Other then that it was good.