Final Sonic Paradox (Pv.)

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The nervousness is killing me.. This is my first flash subission to NG, The Prologue episode is near completion, aswell as episode 1. All of the effects and things seen in this preview will be upcomming battles and/or techniques (such as Mana Charging and so on..), aswell as story scenes. The prologue's been in development for a while and my storyline writter suggested submitting a heads up of what to come.. so here it is. We intend to try and bring you an awesome flash movie/game soon. *Any likenesses or similarities seen.. completeley coincidental. If any.


looking good

could it be one of the best sonic flashes?

we will find out soon


OMG you must be lieing this cannot be your first flash this looks like the work of a flash god if you dont have a web u should get i mean i added this to favorites and i only have one thing in there! i cant wait until the real thing comes out

one question

i put all ten cause you made really awsome serie but i've kinda got a question and could yopu respond my review cause i kidna need an answer. This serie is pratically perfect you made in such a cool way and i'd liek to knwo will you make it like many people send trailers and never do or complete their work this trailer pratically took all ym attention so i just thought of sending this revies (sometimes i feel stupid when i make such questions).

Simply Incredible

WOW, that was amazing. I can't wait to see the actual moive. I seriouly can't believe that this is your first flash. The sound and graphics are perfect. Bravo and keep making flash!!!

come on

its been 3 years and im starting to go crazy just waiting for the game so please hurry up.looks like it is going to be good.

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4.00 / 5.00

Mar 2, 2006
9:37 PM EST