Final Sonic Paradox (Pv.)

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The nervousness is killing me.. This is my first flash subission to NG, The Prologue episode is near completion, aswell as episode 1. All of the effects and things seen in this preview will be upcomming battles and/or techniques (such as Mana Charging and so on..), aswell as story scenes. The prologue's been in development for a while and my storyline writter suggested submitting a heads up of what to come.. so here it is. We intend to try and bring you an awesome flash movie/game soon. *Any likenesses or similarities seen.. completeley coincidental. If any.


Very cool!

Other RPG series, I love RPG's especially with sonic charaters... I hope see the game soon ;) Im making an Sonic RPG series too and I would like to see other RPG's... Well keep going and show us what you can do, hope see the game or the movie soon

Keep up the good work

make this.

Its been done before but you have the making of a great flash seruis *sp* This could be better than the other ones.. ^-^

I am intrigued!

This looks like it could be a very interesting series! This preview was certainly enough to capture my interest!

Looking forward to the first part.

Sjuin responds:

Thanks. It's more storyline than over-the-top flasyness if you understand what I mean.

About the music title...

I went and listened to the music itself. The music's called "Devils Never Cry".

I like this. Very Epic!


That was freaking awesome dude!!!! This serie is going to rock!
Work hard on it ok?
I will waiting for it!

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Mar 2, 2006
9:37 PM EST