Final Sonic Paradox (Pv.)

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The nervousness is killing me.. This is my first flash subission to NG, The Prologue episode is near completion, aswell as episode 1. All of the effects and things seen in this preview will be upcomming battles and/or techniques (such as Mana Charging and so on..), aswell as story scenes. The prologue's been in development for a while and my storyline writter suggested submitting a heads up of what to come.. so here it is. We intend to try and bring you an awesome flash movie/game soon. *Any likenesses or similarities seen.. completeley coincidental. If any.


did you say Devil may cry theme?

I like that the music and animation where put together pretty well.

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The preview was only "okay" at best. At times feel of video didn't match the music. And unfortunately you never even made the thing.

About the music title...

I went and listened to the music itself. The music's called "Devils Never Cry".

I like this. Very Epic!

When's the full thing comming out

i dont like prevews all that much....
but this one was kick-ass

You've piqued my interest.

Well, you've definitely piqued my interest. Sonic/Megaman X cross-over movies have been done before (even back in 2006) but you definitely have a bit of potential hidden in there. All I have for this movie are two pieces of advice.

The first thing I want to point is when you're trying to emphasize a 'breath-taking story' don't just show one word. In the scene where you're stating that give the viewer something else to work with. Show them some sound bites, some highlights of the plot, or even some of the character drama. I understand that this is what you were trying to do with the LATER scenes, but that's something you should've done in THIS scene.

The second issue I can't really describe that well, but to sum it up it felt like your scenes dragged on too much. is to not let your scenes drag too much. When you're trying to make an action scene, don't give the viewer the same action over and over. A good example of this is when you had sonic running away from the metal sonics at the beginning of the movie. We see that 'something' is or isn't going on, but it really doesn't tell us anything. As I said this isn't something that I can explain too well, nor can I give a solution to this at the moment.

All in all though this has some good potential. So if you're reading this don't let what i've said discourage you. If you really have some passion for this take out this project, downsize it if you need to, and give it a whirl. Don't even worry about whether it's good or not. Remember, all journeys begin in shallow water. (Also, if you want some help on this please feel free to PM me. I'm not on newgrounds much but i'd be glad to help.)

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Mar 2, 2006
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