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Final Sonic Paradox (Pv.)

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Author Comments

The nervousness is killing me.. This is my first flash subission to NG, The Prologue episode is near completion, aswell as episode 1. All of the effects and things seen in this preview will be upcomming battles and/or techniques (such as Mana Charging and so on..), aswell as story scenes. The prologue's been in development for a while and my storyline writter suggested submitting a heads up of what to come.. so here it is. We intend to try and bring you an awesome flash movie/game soon. *Any likenesses or similarities seen.. completeley coincidental. If any.


Another Rpg sonic adventure?

Let see here......SWiSH i presume. Well well well, looks like more competition towards my FFSX ha! BRING IT LOL but seriously, Sound compression man. I fyou think you can pull all that off with your sound quality taking up that much your filesize, good luck. Use some audio compression alright? The story looks interesting, and bass as the bad guy looked familiar O.o. Ahh well anyways it was alright just work on your sound.

Sjuin responds:

...? That's all you could say was something about competition and sound compression..? Also, that's a storyline basic. How exactally do you know that Bass is the main antagonist here? It is afterall an RPG. In which most cases these types of games have intricate storyline paradoxes and ironic situations. :3 In smaller words; Don't jump to conclusions.

a sprite movie

putting that aside....... seems interesting, atleast I'd watch it when it's done just try not to mix a lot of characters from diferent games
that gets to annoy people...sometimes, anyway you're now in favorite animator's list to keep an eye on your work.

Sjuin responds:

Really? Thank you. The coalesce of different videogame characters in one universe is very well explained. So, I hope that'll reduce some of the annoyances you're going through. :3

I am intrigued!

This looks like it could be a very interesting series! This preview was certainly enough to capture my interest!

Looking forward to the first part.

Sjuin responds:

Thanks. It's more storyline than over-the-top flasyness if you understand what I mean.


Thats gunna be good ( u should really make it ).

Sjuin responds:

Thanks. I plan to finish up soon enough. ^ ^


That's a great sprite movie, and this is your first for newgrounds? Well, that's awsome. (have you submitted your work somewhere else?)

Sjuin responds:

Yeah.. and No. Yes, it's my first. But becuase it's my first I have no other work elsewhere. >.<

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Credits & Info

4.00 / 5.00

Mar 2, 2006
9:37 PM EST