SuperPope Episode 1

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I made this Dragon Ball Z quasi-parody back in 2000 for an anime-style Flash contest at TokyoPop.com. The grand prize was $10,000 with a $1,000 prize offered for first place in each of 6 categories. I didn't win the grand prize, but I did win first place in the "fighting" category, so that was cool. Now -- years later -- I'm finally working really hard on episode II (which has painted backgrounds and a much more involved story), so I figured I'd submit this to Newgrounds and try to drum up some interest. Hope you enjoy it!

NOTE: If you watched this movie before March 7th, 2006 and thought it was too slow, please watch it again. I fixed some errors that were causing it to perform badly on slower PCs.



Although I really think you could have done something more with the story line and the sound, the graphics and the preloader were great.

It's an alright concept!

Lets put it this way, I think making fun of the pope is amusing, I think Dragonball Z Parodies have been done too many times as well but I do no think it was the downfall.

Here is what needs to be done, create an introduction episode to a completely original character or some characters with a situation. For Example. Arrested Development was an awesome series without a hero but with a situation surrounding it! Sometimes the main character can be the weakest while heros surround him. Perhaps comical heros! Powerful yet have bad personallity traits yet the main character is just your straightman!

Lets just say it is hard to mix Rome and their dress wearing grape squishing pasta eating mentallities with DBZ and come out with anything good!

YOU my friend are talented however! Just come up with a better concept and put those insane graphics to even better use!

Also People like things they can relate to, try to put things in your animations that relate directly with people and they will run to it! You have a lot of personallity types to choose from, I would suggest a wide array of deep characters.

Good luck! Ive never made anything myself.. I just felt like acting as if I knew all about how the game works ya know!

Yay for Popes

Your drawing and animation was good, but some times it seemed a little too obvious an object was the same thing just tilting back and worth, like when the demon was destroyed. And the fact that a pope had an evil glare the whole time was kind of weird.

If you where going for a DBZ style, you got the whole stare them down, teleport, and use energy ball idea, but the actual fighting was not long or quick enough.

Over all it was very good and I look forward to seeing Super Pope 2, if you add a little more combat and less flair. It was fancy but not as entertaining, combat wise, as I hoped for.

It was ok

The guy before me is very wrong its a lot like dbz if it wasnt no one would say anything. Its good i liked it but its does go into a lot of the sounds and stuff that dbz has. Good though.


This is pretty good for your 1st submision but try to get some differnet music and make the movement a little better =)

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Mar 2, 2006
6:33 PM EST
Comedy - Original
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