SuperPope Episode 1

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I made this Dragon Ball Z quasi-parody back in 2000 for an anime-style Flash contest at TokyoPop.com. The grand prize was $10,000 with a $1,000 prize offered for first place in each of 6 categories. I didn't win the grand prize, but I did win first place in the "fighting" category, so that was cool. Now -- years later -- I'm finally working really hard on episode II (which has painted backgrounds and a much more involved story), so I figured I'd submit this to Newgrounds and try to drum up some interest. Hope you enjoy it!

NOTE: If you watched this movie before March 7th, 2006 and thought it was too slow, please watch it again. I fixed some errors that were causing it to perform badly on slower PCs.


Very Well Executed

This looks like a job for The Bishop!! (Anybody recall this reference?)

First off, my critiques...

This flash needed a little more tension, the demon had a great laugh but I didn't really see him as menacing. I felt that the demon needed a slap on the wrist, not burnt to a crisp. Give the people a reason to want to see him abjured. Also I would have had the battle be more balanced. The hero is obviously going to win, just don't have him come in and pwn every enemy. It will get boring quick. It is too much like an early episode of Superman (I'm talking 50's TV episodes) where he would fight gun-toting mobsters; just no contest.

Now the good stuff...

I loved the concept (which has been explored before...yes), sure its also parody of DBZ... parodies are not theft folks. A parody says that the object being parodied has reached a level of fame where people want to emulate it. I liked how you made it feel like a real anime episode. The japanese words thrown in were a nice omake. I also like how you chose to go with a religious figurhead without the need to make PC references to every major religion. I'm a Catholic, yet I can enjoy anime which has heavy Buddhist / Shinto references (which the Japanese use unapologetically as well). I'm sorry folks but the Pope is an important figure in the world. There were times when Popes lead actual armies into battle. So the idea of a Pope doing actual physical combat is not unheard of.

I'd like to see a continuation of this series!
Good job.

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Ya know, I don't really like anime (with those cliched little sweat drops, for example) but I didn't mind this as much as I thought I would. So good job on that, I guess. Really, it was well done.

Very well executed

I have to frst comment that this piece has a very unified style, the resemblance toDBZ was, as you said, seamless. The voice acting and sound were, to me, also a highlight, also bearing proper homage to DBZ, among other things. However saying that, I can also say, some of the expressions were poorly executed, mostly super-pope's but it was propably those crazy super sayan eyebrows and whatnot causing most of the trouble. Anyway, cheers on a job well done!

Good movie, GREAT trivia!

I really enjoyed the movie but what really hooked me was the trivia. The level of hardness was just right and your questions were well chosen and were actually really interesting!

Keep up the good work and give us another good batch of questions for episode 2! :D

Cool :)

I see you kind of use a DBZ style of art :P and sounds

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Mar 2, 2006
6:33 PM EST
Comedy - Original
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