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Aqua Life Episode #6

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*Yet Another Edit - Thanks for Frontpage Newgrounds! And for the Series Page! *

*Edit - Thanks for making #6 Daily Feature guys!*

To understand the bizzare twist keep reading!
So this episode starts off with Steve's explaination of why he came back from the 24-7 without the beer he claimed to get... and wackyness ensues.
I do want to go on the record by saying yes I know this episode goes way off on a tangent, but the real truth is that I was having a terrible time doing Doug's voice every time I recorded it... it always sounded different. So I had to come up with a way that I could change his voice all of a sudden. I kinda played on the idea that actors some times blow hissy fits because they want to get their way. And again I know how short this one is... but I like to keep my audio around 64kb, and I also like to use a lot of it.
Other than all this... thanks for watching as always and leave me some reviews!


good! i liked it

2 the reviewer majinka, i would like 2 add that the animator of this flash IS OLDER THAN U!!!! so don't call him a 12 year old, and don't make fun of other peoples flashes unless u can make 1 yourself.

O u just got served!

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Man I wish there was more!

Where can I find that lotion?


i think u deserved a better score than what u got!

nice smooth animation, good audio, humor, it was all there.

Still a great series

Dude Im still in love with this series. I think its personally one of the best on newgrounds

Another funny piece of flash man!!!! :lol:

The only thing I love more than anything that happened in the decade of the 1980's (which happens to be the decade of which I was born) is people who make fun of anything that happened in the decade of the 1980's (except for me being born!) Also, I love how you quickly changed that one fish's voice right off the bat. It's so totally random! And so totally funny! You definetly got to keep up the great work! :D

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4.09 / 5.00

Mar 2, 2006
10:16 AM EST
Comedy - Original