The Hinckley Challenge

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Ether Jones is trying to meet President Hinckley's challenge before the end of the year. Mormon-themed cartoon goodness.

EDIT: By popular demand here is an explanation of what "President Hinckley's challenge" is- Pres. Hinckley is the Prophet or leader of the Mormon church (our equivalent of the Pope). He challenged all the members of the church to read the "Book of Mormon" (one of our sacred texts in addition to the Bible) before the end of the year with promises that anyone who did so would enjoy greater spirituality in their lives and draw closer to God.

This animation tells the story of a young man who procrastinated this challenge until new year's eve so has to read through the over 500 page book at break-neck speed.


Not bad but room for improvement (which I have seen in your other work)

So. I'm not a mormon, or a christian, never have I read the book of Mormon, but I am an OrsonScott Card fan, and know that he's mormon, I also realized that in a lot of his books he kind of injects mormon idealogy. I did not, however, realize that basically the entire Homecoming/Earth Fall series was based off the book of mormon, except I think with a happier ending than 'natives killed all of us' or maybe that's not how the book of mormon ends and I just gathered wrong from this.

at least he sorta said chinese right XD and pretty well at that.

lol they arrived in jeras why the fug are there indians!?!? lolzz

that they went to the americas...good one just as mormons believe.

loved it

very acrurate entertaining and great job over all

Excellent piece of flash

The animations were fluent, the sounds were really good, it was an awesome "BoM in 5 seconds" kind of thing it was really funny. Great job man this is great! Keep it up! =D

Lots of fun <3

Although I definitely think you were exaggerating with the whole "excommunicated" thing. They wouldn't have kicked anyone out for not doing it.
I thought the voices were excellent and the jokes were really funny especially since I've read the BoM and understood what was supposed to be going on.
The animation is a little old by now but certainly not unpleasant.
Great job!

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Mar 1, 2006
6:30 PM EST
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