The Lub Boat 1

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Love boat. Flash 8 required, do not run on high quality unless you have Geforce 99500 xt+!!

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Another boring flash

Once again, the only really good thing here is the actual drawings, everything else was crap. That's really all I can say right now--that you all are at least good artists.


you can use flash.. but are you actually trying to get the majority of your work in the turd of the week O.o

Please get some talent

Don't claim sex if no sex occurs. Don't claim hardcore when nothing happens. Lieing is not a good quality. If you can't help it may i suggest ritelin to calm down your compusive lieing. The music however was o.k. but burt a story to it. Why do people insit on bloody stories that have no plot. Damn it takes 5 minutes to think of a plot, stick with it.

Repetitive love

Nice graphics and strange warmth from this animation. It is a bit repetetive though. Oh, and adult it aint.

well, first off your description is rude to viewer

secondly, i cant believe five people were involved in a flash animation with harldy any real animation. you do realize that animation includes animating something, which means movement. not side scrolling pictures of silly things. no plot, no animation, no point. sorry, but it got a z-e-r-o.