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Piconjo Jam #21

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-UPDATE- thx 2 all of j00 who liked and voeted 6 on this collab for teh daily feature and weekly award! Special thx goes out to MrChocobo who designed teh awesome dropdown menu. Much <3

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We are Teh Piconjers, the uncensored flash community that pwns the internet. Piconjo Jam #21 continues the Piconjo's tradition of giving you a glimpse of our future work with several short movies spotlighting some of the talent in our community.
If you are interested in joining in on the fun and showing us and a large audience what you're capable of, email us at piconjojam@gmail.com
RIP, Piconjo. Your presence with us has ended, but your spirit lives on forever.

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piconjo gangsta

One of the most quality Piconjo-related creations on the portal, 'nuff said. Too bad I missed those times.


this is on of teh only piconjo movies i like its not got anything to do with nazigrounds and it doesnt say anything about pico bieng a rippof or alien homminid bieng homosexual(which hes not) so good work!!!!!!!!!


I like LegendaryFrog's works, and I do think that this is kinda cruel even for piconjo, but that's of course not the point.

The point is that this is an awesome flash movie. Most of the entries has style, and are well-animated to boot. Who it parodies and my personal tastes is of no consequence when the flash has the quality to back itself up.

I particularly liked rtil's entry. Rtil has always been one of my favorite parody animators on NG, and his clip didn't disappoint. His piece had stylistic action, was interesting, and is well animated. GAO's piece is okay, with great art and a funny ending, and Jerkoffman (XD at the parody of Gerkinman) had a very stylistic piece. Xonx's piece was certainly interesting in its own right, although perhaps not as well animated as the rest.

Overall, it's a really great collaboration, and one of the most graphicly superior collabs that I have ever seen. You get my 5 for that, and please don't let Piconjo die :P.

It isnt THAT bad

I have actually been a critic of most of piconjo stuff.... this isnt that bad... I mean, in contrast to some of that shit of "piconjo <3's joo" this is a masterpiece almost as gud as "beserker"..... I mean... keep going and I will keep voting high