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GIANT flopping DICKS!!!

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We took the old Chinese tale "The Legend of the sad Fisherman and the Konichiwa" and animated to it! This was a difficult project to undertake because we used alot of rotoscoping and frame-by-frame animation. We hope you enjoy this labor of love! ^_^ kekekezergrush!

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WTH this doesnt make any sense ya wierdo


thanks for ruinin the suprise, ya freakin weeaboo


The graphics were excellent...until you "lost the rest of the tape", I really wanted to see the whole thing!

Oh yeah while I'm here, don't click on the "Free MP3's" link listed under Audio, it's actually a link to a mirror of "GNAA Last Measure Unified X", a shock site that uses Adobe Flash to create and manipulate windows containing famous shock imagery, AND slow your computer down in the process!


I've heard this very old tall tale before. Yours was a beautiful retelling. Oh, and good choice for a title. Might be a clue that this rendition isn't serious. xD

I think this is brilliant

Everybody loves a little randomness here and there.