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Fire Fry!

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Author Comments

(edit) I KNOW THE SONG IS CALLED FEUER FREI! I used the way it sounds and called it "Fire Fry" because that's what it sounds like from an english perspective! Please, if you review, keep this in mind.

Started this a while ago and, due to having received multiple request, I finished it over the weekend. It lags a little, but boy it rulz! My friends urged me to submit, so here it is. If you guys vote high and leave good reviews, I will be happy and may even fix a few errors in the toon! Enjoy!

(Basic Plot)
Afrofurby and his mexican friend Sanchez are hanging out in the middle of nowhere. Suddenly, Fry comes down and busts a cap in Sanchez. Having watched this cruel murder, Afrofurby has only one thing left to do with his life; FIRE FRY!


Ya know, this story really speaks to me.

This was a powerful story about 2 friends. They were happy together, untill a charater form a cancelled TV show comes and kills the latino of the two. now, the remaining friend has come to avenge the death of his buddy through a mass of chaotic and seizure inducing madness (or so I think) Great job! :)



UberAoC responds:


(A 3? Oh, ok. That's fine, I guess. Pretty good, compared to a zero. Not bad, but nothing to brag about. 3. The number after 2. Not a bad number. A lot of stories and stuff use the number 3. Nope, 3 isn't bad at all. In fact, you know what? THANKS for the 3. I like it. 3 is good. Not great, but good nonetheless. Comes before 4, ya know. 4's a pretty good number too, but 3 is most probably better. In a contest for the best number between 3 and 4, I bet 3 would win. Yep, 3. Great stuff. So thanks!)

pretty random but funny

it kinda went with the song

UberAoC responds:

Glad you liked! Thanks man!

rammstein owns!

my favorite rammstein song is sehnsucht.... lol but w/e good anyway

UberAoC responds:

Rammstein! W00t!

LOLZ some mexican guy got shot

Well that was completly random :3 lol a furby with a fro nice :D, max score 10 for putting, feire frie, or something like that from Rammstein >.<, it was pretty insane and alot of killing especially to that tire commercial guy and tigger, poor tigger :'(, anyways pretty sick stuff dude, always laughing from your mario blocks flash :P keep up the uber awesomness work dude :0


UberAoC responds:

Glad you liked my insanely random Fire Fry cartoon. Feuer Frei's a cool song- worked well with this crazy animation! The Michelin Man just couldn't escape the violence, neither could tigger! If they stood against Afrofurby™, they paid!

Yeah, you did leave me an awesome review on Mario's Blocks! It's much more popular, but it's this old stuff that helped build my skillz up! Glad you liked both! I'll keep the uber-injections at an all time high for these great cartoons of mine! Thanks man!

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Credits & Info

3.86 / 5.00

Feb 26, 2006
5:57 PM EST
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