EgoCity Chap V disk2

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It's been awhile since I last submitted. Well this is my final episode and it all ends here X3 I want to thank everybody who supported me in the past to make this happen. & without a do, this show is at least 14mins long. Enjoy XD

Update: Sweetz 1st place and front page ^^ Thanx for all the respect and I also wanted to thank all the fans of my work along with the people who supported me and helped along the road to make this happen X3 Especially Tephy, my dear luv F3 and Thavidu of Phrozenflame.com for letting me host his site! In addition, I'll release a final encore on his site w/ added bonus so visit his site soon X3



Now THAT WAS BETTER!!! The last few episodes of EgoCity was becoming, honestly, lame. Too random and story wasn't going anywhere. Now you awed with a rollercoster ride that looks like it was from a professional director's mind. I see you had lots of ideas from Final Fantasy: Advent Children and I don't mind because I loved that movie. LOVED THE EDITING, LOVED THE FIGHT SCENE and LOVED THE EFFECTS. Will be expecting a new series from you or not. AWESOME!!

Not a disappointment.

This flash was breathtakeing. I've been waiting a long while for this, and it was the best of anything Eugene Chu has ever done. This was the perfect mix of humore, Violence, and it was even romantic. He dies and finaly gets to join the girl he's been in love with since a younge age. In a way this made me want to cry. Im proud of Eugene Chu for doing such a good job.
The voice acting was better then it ever has been. The style looks a little more cuter then last time, Even if thats just me, it's still awsome! I'de rate this 20 out of 10 if I could. The sound was a little, bleh, but from where im standing, I still think its AWSOME! I could go on and on, but I have to stop some where. Keep up the Great work LenZ!!


Dude, you just inspired me to watch the rest of the series. I love your graphics style.

BUT, my biggest gripe about the whole composition was the voice acting. You seriously need to find better voice actors because they really up aren't up to par with your presentation.

Despite that, I still think this is an outstanding flash; props.

good enough that

i watched all of the credits and i have never done that for a movie on here.great job and i`ll be looking for more of your work,later.

Fourth orb? OH SHI-

The ending suprized me. I didn't see it coming. I like the way it all turned out. I still didn't like the way some of the voice talent was, but it worked out. Your graphics have improved quite a lot since you began. It's too bad I haven't been here the whole seven years, but it's been a fun ride. :3

Btw, I figured out why the 3D city had so many glitches. I optimized it for Flash 5 instead of Flash 4. I could render it again, but I'd have to cut out the frames that weren't used for a few different reasons.

I also noticed when the Zero Cannon was fired that the two beams formed a cross. Was this intended? I also liked the way that when we die we become 'energy', since the spirit is often represented with light, sometimes golden lights.

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Feb 26, 2006
12:36 PM EST
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