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EgoCity Chap V disk2

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Author Comments

It's been awhile since I last submitted. Well this is my final episode and it all ends here X3 I want to thank everybody who supported me in the past to make this happen. & without a do, this show is at least 14mins long. Enjoy XD

Update: Sweetz 1st place and front page ^^ Thanx for all the respect and I also wanted to thank all the fans of my work along with the people who supported me and helped along the road to make this happen X3 Especially Tephy, my dear luv F3 and Thavidu of Phrozenflame.com for letting me host his site! In addition, I'll release a final encore on his site w/ added bonus so visit his site soon X3

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Great to see the series finally end. This was probably the best episode. Well, I wasn't really able to follow it that well. The best scene was easily when Johnny was reunited with Rachel. It's such a heartwarming scene. The action was great too.

You really toned down on the jokes. I guess it wouldn't be appropriate for a finale. I love the music at the end. I'm glad everyone followed you on this. It's been fun.


Wow, I finished read the story, the Chronicle of Johnny is very big. And interested about the Orb Theory. (I was chocked) Your animation it's EPIC 5/5 stars.

So i cried when FF7 ended and I cried when this ended!! Dx How dare you make me cry!!! Loved it though!

never gets old

hard to beleive how old these flashs are and that I never get tired of them but I can not find that instrumental linkin park song I admit their new stuff since minutes to midnight sucks but the song you used at the end is real catchy and drives home the ending.