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Well, this is a minigame I started with Ninja-Chicken Yesterday. A remake of Asteroids, hope you like it.

Thanks for the Score NG!!!

Artwork by Darkfire_Blaze, Programming by Ninja-Chicken.

Please Review and vote as you must, ill answer to all reviews!


Heh heh, nipple rocket

Excuse the title, but the end of the rocket DOES look like one. The explosion animation and music bite, but the game mechanics themselves work great. It really did feel like playing asteroids.

Blaze responds:

lmao, I have to admit it. :) The explosion sucks, the music kicks ass (in my opinion)

Thanks! =D


Finally a great asteroid flash game. I have to say that you had all the aspects in this that made the original such a classic and just built from that, the asteriods seemed really random the space ship was built solidly with nice colors. The music was great, i love when it has that retro feel. The only glitch i could find was that sometimes after the bullet had been floating there for awhile that even if it went throuh a piece of asteroid that it wouldnt break it *shrugs shoulders*, awesome overall though sir had heaps of fun reliving memories.

(Kiss my ass XwaynecoltX)

Blaze responds:

Whoo, i was reviewed by XwaynecoltX finally. =D

First off, thanks for the review man. I took as long as i thought i should've with the drawings to make them look nice, and I'm sure NC also took his time with the Asteroids part. But about that glitch you talk about, i haven't seen it, I must as well take a look for it. Thanks man!

Awesome, I had lots of fun with that.

A great re-make of the original asteroids, with improved controls, graphics, music and ofcourse all those nifty features you added such as "health" and "fps". Nice.


A pause button: While playing this I actually had to get up to answer natures call but I didn't want to just leave myself out in the open with tons of asteroids dlying around which as you might imagine made it very uncomfortable and not as enjoyable.

And, while I was holding down the spacebar to shoot, I noticed I could not turn whatsoever and I would have to release the spacebar to turn and if I didn't it would make that annoying *beeeeeeeeeeep* sound on my computer.

Overall I though this was well done. The main menu looked very professional and this game as a whole was very organized. Great job!

Blaze responds:

Thanks, music credits go to SolesLunes, for this awesome piece. The Health was my idea, FPS's was Ninja Chickens.

A pause button, i wanted to implement that. As well as a small fire coming in the back of the ship (which i DID do), but Ninja Chicken said he was really tired, and let me submit as it is. I know how it feels to have this game without a pause button, i do. Its annoying.

Well, yes. Its... some sort of error that Windows has (i think), it wont let you press a certain ammount of keys at the same time, or it may, but not SOME keys. Which makes the annoying beep, and sometimes the blue screen of death.

Thanks! I specially overdid everything in the menu, i love how it turned out and the theme colors are just sweet. Thanks for the review, expect another one next week!


I didn't get to play long because my dad loves old school games and took over for me. I think he got 14000 points and then exited.....lol. But at least when I was playing, I liked what I saw. Good job.

Blaze responds:

sweeet. Did your dad fifen ? ;) Thanks for the review DFI!

Top-Grade Remake!

Excellent work! Asteroids is one of my all-time favorites. The artwork was great and the controls weren't buggy at all. I can see you put some considerable work into this. One thing I like is how large asteroids just keep coming and how the smaller ones break into even more pieces than in the original game. This certainly makes the game more challenging. Keep up the excllent work! How about a remake of Defender, or something?

One suggestion: How about you make the health bar flash red when it gets to 10 or 25%? Just an idea. Great work!

Blaze responds:

Defender? Could you be bothered enough as to email me telling me what exactly that game is? We think in making a game every week. ;)

And thanks for the suggestion, ill tell NC to do that if we can. ;) Thanks!

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3.94 / 5.00

Feb 26, 2006
10:34 AM EST
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