DD II : The Revenge

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new tribute >>> 313428 <<<

---Hehehe, i'm finaly cooled down!, thnx for the
Frontpage Tom fulp!---

and guys go to http://doubledragon.clas
sicgaming.gamespy.com/mu sicdd2.htm for The Original Soundtrack of DD2...thats where i got the music from ,..i hope you are all happy now =D

---Warning!! When Pressing Scene 3/4 Put you're Sound Volume , LOW!!---

Pre-loader is finally fixed!! =D

- fp/s : 27
- Frames : 9000
- What to do?: ENJOY!!

also check the stupid spoof XD(in extra's)

FINALY, its DONE! , allot of people have been waiting for this movie!, so did i, Special effects....HELL YEAH
this movie , i worked my ass of for this!
allot of people are going to be happy! with THIS movie =D
so all i can say : ENJOY!!!!
when i was little , I was a HUGE fan of The Technos corp!, i still am, i almost play this game once a day!, and all the other DD/technos Fans! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!(LOLZZZZ)


Technos would be proud!

Awesome film! Loved the music and the action....best DD tribute ive seen yet!!!!

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Man that was just an eye feast right from the start.We could feel the pure energy from the rushing adrenaline flow in the battles trough that flash.

That's amazing!

You took an old classic I liked when I was three or four, and turned it into the next Jet Li short!

I don't know what that meant either... but I really liked it.

One thing though. You skipped the stages I really wanted to see. but that was quickly forgotten by the sheer hilarity that ensued through the flash. I loved that laugh Billy and Jimmy made to "Arnold." I love how you made the fighting scenes, i parts it looks like they don't stand a chance, and then you change it sporadically in a way i found hilarious. I looked at your spoof aswell. PRICELESS!!! I knew that would be funny, before I saw it. And then I did! Wow! You should try to make another, but with other Double Dragon games. Amazing!

God Bless, man!

rebaz responds:

yoo man, i dont know what that mean either

yea, i skipped the stages, or else i had to make episodes, i dont wanna make sequels of a story, BUT i did made another DD movie, not based on this one, AND i am still busy on another one =D , i am realy glad you liked the Spoof =D and yes, it was funny against arnold, he was such a prik in the game, i am now busy on the Double Dragon movie, with teh sprites from GBA, i already did made one of DD 1,

thnx for the bless:P
same to yoo =D

HOLY SHIITTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THAT WAS FUCKING AWESOME! I didn't know about dd! Damn, my names billy and my brothers name is jimmy!!!!!!!!!! NOT LYING!!!!! HOLY CRAP! AWESOME FLASH DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAKE MORE!!!

rebaz responds:

Dude,..you do know you are making me A FAN OF YOU, instead me making you my fanXD , lol men, so jalouz.. =(

Glad ya liked it


awesome.. dude that 8-bit chick at the end made me go hard!

rebaz responds:

OMFG..............................................................................................SHE DID!?

Glad yas liked it =D

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4.10 / 5.00

Feb 25, 2006
4:42 PM EST