DD II : The Revenge

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new tribute >>> 313428 <<<

---Hehehe, i'm finaly cooled down!, thnx for the
Frontpage Tom fulp!---

and guys go to http://doubledragon.clas
sicgaming.gamespy.com/mu sicdd2.htm for The Original Soundtrack of DD2...thats where i got the music from ,..i hope you are all happy now =D

---Warning!! When Pressing Scene 3/4 Put you're Sound Volume , LOW!!---

Pre-loader is finally fixed!! =D

- fp/s : 27
- Frames : 9000
- What to do?: ENJOY!!

also check the stupid spoof XD(in extra's)

FINALY, its DONE! , allot of people have been waiting for this movie!, so did i, Special effects....HELL YEAH
this movie , i worked my ass of for this!
allot of people are going to be happy! with THIS movie =D
so all i can say : ENJOY!!!!
when i was little , I was a HUGE fan of The Technos corp!, i still am, i almost play this game once a day!, and all the other DD/technos Fans! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!(LOLZZZZ)



Just amazing my friend!!!! I have not seen a good sprite movie in a long time and you had to come along and break the silence. I enjoyed this movie alot, the sound was clean and loud just the way I like it. The story was pretty cool... just awesome, keep it up. You deserve a higher score and more recognition for your work.

rebaz responds:

awesome, You even think this deserves a bigger Score, Realy nice men!

Glad ya liked it

Before watching this movie,

W00t 10 for doing ur movie about dd2 on my favourite console.
and making frontpage.

rebaz responds:

w00t? you didnt even see it!? and you saying that..man you are AWESOME!!



This movie really caught me in the mood. XD
I laughed my ass off in that part where the music stops and they start lauhing.

Also, The action is 2 thumbs up!
Techniques are a bit ...too much, but hey! That's what makes it so fun. This screams for a sequal!

Keep up the good work! And finish the stuff you havn't finished yet!

Best wishes,
Your pall..


rebaz responds:

Heheheh, to bad you are being such a pain in the ass latelyXD!!!, anyway i'm glad you liked it..To bad this a sequel...of...nothingXD!!....well it issent realy a sequel ''Double Dragon II The revenge is the name of the game!
so actually there issent going to be a new Sequel, BUT i do have good news!(for everyone who reads this :) There i'm gonna learn how to script, whats going to take YEARS!( i think) and then i'm gonna start a DD 2 : Redux(DD 2 Redux , idea from Gargantua)
Game!! i hope i'l learn much more then scripting in the near Future! thnx allot for you're review!, Glad je liked it

You're old pall
Rabaszorz =D

Very good brought back memorys

I loved the style and work a plus

rebaz responds:

AMg, awesome, great...great..memoriess >_<

Jesus, I need to get an emulator

I remember having this game as a kid and constantly battling the evil forces with my brother. However, we were so young I don't believe we ever made it past the first level, I just remember some glitches and the girls with whips. I do however remember the sound track, that is what made the NES the ultimate system of entertainment.

Excellent work.
Downloading an emulated version of this game is legal because I own a copy of the game (But it was sold by my cousin).

rebaz responds:

Yo, Watsup!

www.romnation.net =D!!!
go to that site , to download
(i also own a DD 2....but it was stolenXD!!!(all of them)) so thats why i just downloaded it...wassent fair
glad ya liked it men!


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4.10 / 5.00

Feb 25, 2006
4:42 PM EST