DD II : The Revenge

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new tribute >>> 313428 <<<

---Hehehe, i'm finaly cooled down!, thnx for the
Frontpage Tom fulp!---

and guys go to http://doubledragon.clas
sicgaming.gamespy.com/mu sicdd2.htm for The Original Soundtrack of DD2...thats where i got the music from ,..i hope you are all happy now =D

---Warning!! When Pressing Scene 3/4 Put you're Sound Volume , LOW!!---

Pre-loader is finally fixed!! =D

- fp/s : 27
- Frames : 9000
- What to do?: ENJOY!!

also check the stupid spoof XD(in extra's)

FINALY, its DONE! , allot of people have been waiting for this movie!, so did i, Special effects....HELL YEAH
this movie , i worked my ass of for this!
allot of people are going to be happy! with THIS movie =D
so all i can say : ENJOY!!!!
when i was little , I was a HUGE fan of The Technos corp!, i still am, i almost play this game once a day!, and all the other DD/technos Fans! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!(LOLZZZZ)


Love it

Love the music, love the fighting, and until I recently played the game, I didn't know there was that Arnold look-alike sprite in there.

Noticed a funny little thing on the tile screen. Even though Jimmy faces to the left, his hair is still facing to the right like Billy's.

rebaz responds:

your wrong haha, his head is looking to the right xD, its the sprite before he kicks backwards LOL, or i made it myself i think...something like that, LOL anyway, glad ya liked it DUDEEZ =D

Dude thats a sick animation

Now that takes be back to my youth. Very well put together.

rebaz responds:

Awesomee .........=D


all my 5 r belong to this!!!

you did a very good job.. im pretty sure you will make the front page... keep up the good work!

rebaz responds:

AWESOME =D , hmmmmmm i can taste it Frontpage...''drools''


okay, that kicked ass. Nicely done.
I felt Billy was getting a raw deal, getting pounded on more often then not. But in the end, he gets to be the hero. Nicely done.

rebaz responds:

yeah i knew there would be someone saying that Billy would get kicked in the ass...but yeah Billy my fav char...
glad ya liked it =D

can watch over and over again...

i could watch this over and over again and never get tired of of it
DD rocks

GREAT movie =D

rebaz responds:

eehehhe, Thnx man, you realy rockXD


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4.10 / 5.00

Feb 25, 2006
4:42 PM EST