DD II : The Revenge

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new tribute >>> 313428 <<<

---Hehehe, i'm finaly cooled down!, thnx for the
Frontpage Tom fulp!---

and guys go to http://doubledragon.clas
sicgaming.gamespy.com/mu sicdd2.htm for The Original Soundtrack of DD2...thats where i got the music from ,..i hope you are all happy now =D

---Warning!! When Pressing Scene 3/4 Put you're Sound Volume , LOW!!---

Pre-loader is finally fixed!! =D

- fp/s : 27
- Frames : 9000
- What to do?: ENJOY!!

also check the stupid spoof XD(in extra's)

FINALY, its DONE! , allot of people have been waiting for this movie!, so did i, Special effects....HELL YEAH
this movie , i worked my ass of for this!
allot of people are going to be happy! with THIS movie =D
so all i can say : ENJOY!!!!
when i was little , I was a HUGE fan of The Technos corp!, i still am, i almost play this game once a day!, and all the other DD/technos Fans! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!(LOLZZZZ)


Great Nostalgic

Great movie. I loved DD as a kid. This movie made me realize how the kids of the future will never enjoy playing DDII

rebaz responds:

ofcourse they wont...i even know some people in real Life that say : OMG! Playstation is the best and oldskool sucks and balababl(with a high voice and they look all.....GODDAMNED UGLY!....like realy REALY, REEEEAAAAALYYYYY UGLY!!, not that there is something wrong with it :P?
yeah to bad there issent even a Re-make so i'm considering...to create a Remake with flash, but i still need some (ALLOT actually) practice for scripting, although i'm happy you enjoyed it

Great work!

To the guy that posted before me to put so much emphasis solely on the grammar of such good art work makes for poor judgement not to give this a 10. I loved the action and the comical relief. The grammar reminded me more of a gamers way of typing me being a gamer I totally over looked it, just keep up the good work and don't worry about douchebag comments.

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rebaz responds:

mehh i'm not worry'd abnout those comments...go read it XD maybe you would go laugh after you readed it =D
glad ya liked it men!

OK...Disregard what that last asshole said....

Hey man, I think your flash was pretty good. You used the sprites in very creative, and innovative ways. I wish I could have used those moves on the actual game. As for those who worry a little too much about grammar, I dont think the purpose was TO GIVE A FUCKING LECTURE. WHO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT THE GRAMMAR!? HELL, THAT SHIT WAS FUNNY. GET A FUCKING CLUE!! MAYBE THE GRAMMAR WAS A JOKE YOU DUMB SHIT!!!!...anyways.....nice flash.

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rebaz responds:

omg.......YEAH i know you should ignore other poeple men >_<
that guy is someway....Cool..i think or...yeah whatever =D

anyway's i'm glad ya liked the movie men! AWESOME!

it's not just the font.

I don't know if you speak english as a first language, but the spelling and grammar is horrible in this. It's a shame that you'd put that much effort into the animation, just to half-ass the dialogue.

I'd suggest you run it through a spellcheck before typing it in, or at the least have someone proofread it before you submit it.

rebaz responds:

ok men.....all i got to say.

''takes a dep breath''

I LOVE YOU 2!!! =D

One of the best video game flashes!

I am also long awaited a Video game flash of DD II. You have made my day, but I must know where i can get the remixed sound tracks of the game. I would love to put those on my iPod!

Please feel free to make more flashes, perhaps Double Dragon ones. It is a great game that was underplayed in its time and deserve tribute!

rebaz responds:

:P those arent the Remixed sound tracks...they are the original Soundtrack, you can download in the link i gave in the ''author Comment''

hmmm DD 1....i realy didnt liked that prt because..it was 1 player game...and it was soooo hard when i was young(i am 15 atmoment) and i was 8 when i played part 1...man the game was hard also those Stupid abobo'sXD

but mehh i dunno for a tribut >_<

Glad ya liked my movie, LATTA

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4.10 / 5.00

Feb 25, 2006
4:42 PM EST