Ninja Nightmare

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Once again, the pesky ninja start bothering you when you're trying to read a book in peace and quiet. This time, you decide it's appropriate to teach them a lesson, in the only language they understand - kicking ass.

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AS: Asvegren
Art: Sarcastro, senor-taco.deviantart.co
Voices: Hobbes_the_Prince and TESM
Music: Zaghurim


It was OK

To improve this game, you could put more moves and better environments. I liked the fighting and the music of this game though. Hope there is a second!


AS: Asvegren
Art: Sarcastro
Voices: Hobbes_the_Prince and TESM
Music: Zaghurim

Ok but where does URGAMES do anything in this????

Was pretty good... Liked it but not loved it like Dad N' Me :)

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Could have been better

The graphics are ok, and the sounds too, but it's have have been better with more moves and maybe an healthbar on the enemies, just like you have one?

And to the ones who wonder where the controls are in the game? Look in the "Info"-page at the start of the game...
(Bottom button)


Actually, there's been a theoretical study which shows that a Knight and a Samurai would be on equal footing... but that's beside the point.

Doesn't say what the controls are, not that I could find... sure, Up is Jump and the Arrow Keys move... but I had to find out that A was attack all by myself. If there aren't any moves aside from that double-roundhouse nonsense, there ought to be... like maybe a projectile attack to even the odds against Ninja Shuriken.

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Good game, but...

You should know that knights could beat samurai hands down, yOuSuCk4379.

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3.86 / 5.00

Feb 25, 2006
1:21 PM EST
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