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Uh-Oh! Overpopulation!

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Feb 25, 2006 | 6:45 AM EST

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This video outlines the main problems of Overpopulation and reveals an interesting theory of solving it.

This is a seven minute long presentation/assignment, so please do not vote if you don't like educational flashes.



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That was very nice, I've been so busy freaking out over global warming, that I forgot all about overpopulation. I really hate to say this, but I think we need to do something. Because if there are so many people that they speed up global warming, then we'll all die. And I hate to say this a billion times more, but it's time we started figuring out a solution. And that solution will involve LOTS of people dying. Probably even me. But shit.... we can't ignore it anymore. The only way to fix this is to poison half the planets population. Thats right, create a super virus like the Spanish Flu and the plague. The smart and the strong all live, the stupid and the weak die. Im sorry if I offended anyone, because I didn't mean to, but it's the truth.


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I just watched this and when it sayd I kno what you think I was laughing becouse seriulsy my twisted mind was going for nukes. but good flash


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To quote one of my favorite songs...

It really is the end of the world as we know it, but noone notices or really cares as long as it dosn't happen to them. Unfortunatly, by the time it does happen to them, it could be too late to stop the overpopulation crisis. The solution seems simple: everyone should hae fewer babies; but it is nearly impossible to tell people to go against their insticts, to have as many children as possibe, as fast as possible. Maybe one way to reduce the population, is to make abortion legal, this way, unwanted children can be prevented from adding to the problem unnessisaraly. Combined with global warming, an ever increacing amount of countrys, and polltion, the world is sliping through our fingers, and we don't even notice it! To illistrate: if a frog is placed in a pan of water, and the water is heated slowly enough, the frog won't react to the heat untill it is dead. I belive that the same thing is happining to humanity on Earth. Great flash, 9/10


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its good

the problem is real and sadly without a giant genocide doing nothing is the only answer


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Thats right

Nature couses overpopulation, nature exterminates overpopulation.

Great flash