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Mortal Kombat Mishaps 3

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Update 10/09: check out MK Mishaps Gold, My latest installment. http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/511831

Update 01/08: a special version of the MK Mishap trilogy with audio commentary is now available on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=4rCDmcGmlUI

Yes!Another 1st place award! Thank you newgrounds!
You guys rock!
**I'm noticing that some of you are recording this flash and posting it on YouTube. I don't really mind you guys doing that, but AT LEAST give me credit for it! On another note, I also have a Youtube account (hitthefloor729) so think twice before posting it there.**
Flash #17
Like I promised, here is part 3. This time I tried to be original as possible. Unlike my previous Mishaps, this one has 2 wrestling jokes instead of one.
I also worked on a special intro inspired by WWE RAW's theme song to give it a simple,yet kick-ass look.

I have done what I can to fix any bugs in the flash. The buttons and sounds work perfectly in this one and,for those who haven't noticed, I have fixed the previous episodes as well.
Before you complain about the fact that there are only 6 scenes (not including the intro), let me just say that I prefer quality over quantity and due to high quality graphics I can only make that many when working on 20fps. Honestly, I wanted to add more, but this was all I could do.If you have any tips,let me know.

The Hand From Hell---> Scorpion's botched fatality.
The Wrong Arcade Game--->Remember the Arcade Fatality? Here's my twist on the classic joke.
Fanality--->Wrestling joke #1. The dangerous side of being a "Sexy Boy" Wrestler(WWE fans,you know who I'm talking about).
The Graveyard Thriller--->A Classic joke with a shocking twist.This just had to be done.
When Animalities Attack--->You piss off your opponent and you'll pay the price. This one's random,yet funny.
A Kahn-frontation with The Rock--->Wrestling joke #2. Will The Rock lay the smack down, or will he feel the power of Shao Kahn? It's a fictional point of view of what would happen if a wrestler insults an MK boss.

All characters copyright:Midway,WWE,Cap
com,Sega,SNK,Sammy,WB and other respective companies.

I appreciate constructive criticism. One more thing, if you hate wrestling and don't like to see it in MK parodies,please keep it to yourself. This is a parody and anything can happen in it.
Vote fair and enjoy!
Til next time!


Really good movie

You're right. Eddie Guerrero will be missed.

Viva La Raza!

Tis' Good

Well done, great use of sprites and was really funny. I take it you're a WWE fan. Eddie Guerrero will be missed, I hope Rey Mystero wins at mania 22

mortal combat : )

great--sorry that i cudnt make a bigga review

Very well done.

This movie was very well done with the sprites and games. We will all miss eddie guerro ... he was one of the funniest wrestlers ever. he deserves to be put in the hall of fame.

Nostalia, meet comedy. Comedy, meet nostalgia.

A superb spoof of Mortal Kombat. The sprites are top notch, the humor is well versed, and the general tone is one of professionalism from beginning to end... save for one point.

I felt that the inserted dialogue bubbles weren't really necessary, and that, in fact, they kinda drew away from the excellent use of all the original sprites. I think a lot of the dialogue could have been mimed out, or possibley drawn from existing audio, perhaps with just subtitles for the sake of clarity. That was really just my only thought on it though.

Shao Khan versus the Rock was HILARIOUS.

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4.18 / 5.00

Feb 25, 2006
12:55 AM EST
Comedy - Parody