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well, now i have finnish the movie.... Hope you like it :) I have work hard on this Vote and whrite what you think ! /Johan


Wow, the guy before me is such a dick

Though this was kinda short, the flash was very smooth and was, i think, very representative of the author's style. This was action packed and yes, it could have included more of a variety. Great flash, a bit short though


The flash was a little bit shorts and it seems as if the war was won by 3 soldiers and a sniper. It would be cooler if there were more battles with more countries. Perhaps air fight with english bombers or a naval battle against japanese or some Russian tanks who drive through a city. By this there would be a better feeling that all worked together and defeated the nazis and fight everywhere. A feeling like in Lord of the Rings.
the guy at the beginning didn't sound like Hitler, although the german text was correct. The stress (in german it is called "Betonung") wasn't perfect and it seems a little bit artificial.(too less emotion) I don't know if it is a original speach, but it doesn't simply sound like hitler.

It would be nice to see a flash how germany evolved after the war, rebuild it's economy and establish a democracy, but sure it isn't as cool as bad nazis with tanks. (A man who builds a house isn't as interesting than one, who bomb it with a bazooka)

So here some interesting mistake from a small german paper to the foreign countries: (h t t p : / / b l o g . y o y o s t i l e . d e / u p l o a d s / 9 3 3 1 9 _ 1 1 4 1 6 6 7 8 8 2 . j p g)
(Somebody of the the journalists has put a commercial for the gasconcern E-on onto the wrong site)

To the Austrian guy: There was no innocent Wehrmacht. In a war nobody is innocent and the german soldiers did more bad things than they were forced to do, because of their ideology. I don't know which books you have read, but to the theme World War 2 there are many many crappy books.

Couldn't hear them speak...

But the rest was bloody amazing

Not Bad Not Bad but Short :/

Hey not bad nice music but after i watched intro i expected more than quick fight and "the end"


Kick ass. I really liked this. I found it choppy in spots but thats more than likley just the computer I watched it on. I hope to see more

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3.89 / 5.00

Feb 24, 2006
8:29 PM EST