LF2:A Hunter's Quest Ch.6

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Ch.6 is now here. With a new look, style and a new twist to the story.
I took a request from a review on Ch.5, which was to add a button for the text. So you the viewer could read it at your own pace. So enjoy



The way Dennis made Jack fly was pure classic and awesome!

Simply, amazing

I like all your movies, I'm from Argentina, in South America. I seen your vids two years ago, and all are AMAZING!

(Damn I was hoping to get more answers)

This episode is bit of a step back.

Firstly, in here the characters suddenly stop making sense.
Okay - perhaps The Dark One needs to get Chase away, I will not question his motives.
We, the audience, could use more hints and clues though. The last episode had a long background story to Chase. Here you start introducing new characters without providing them ANY. Mark made sense as a random encounter - Jack does not. It's as if you looked at it and thought: "Oh my! I haven't got a fight scene for this episode. Lets just insert one of the sprite characters in here to get one." without actually thinking about, if it's going to affect the story in any manner. Who is Jack? Why are he and Woody enemies? I haven't seen Jack later on either and somehow I doubt he will...
We could use more background on Woody. He has just lost his home city. He has been given a task by a dude he does not know and who doesn't even stop to explain anything. So...? Same goes for Dennis. Who is he anyways? How do they know each other? (Other than the fact that they live in the same city - it's the "Great" city after all - it's quite big and presumptively has a lot of people in it. Though we didn't see any...)
Why don't they even discuss anything? Surely they would feel the need to reflect on recent events. But we get nothing. They are just told to do something to move on the plot and they do it.

Julian is now their enemy, but how can they trust The Dark One and Chase? What are their motives besides that?
Sorry if I am being blunt - just my thoughts.
You're still making the series, so I have a chance of affecting you with my critique here! :)

Commenting... ABOUT THIS THING lolz

I do not like new style the one you have to click it to forward on. I'm eating while clicking and it doesn't make it as good. But thank-you for the movie.

Best Little Fighter 2 series ever!!

I have the game.. and this SERIES is awesome! Hah i hope you add more.. cuz if you don't ... well then... Ill be veryy... very.. umm.. sad... :'( PLEASE make more! 5/5 :)

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Feb 24, 2006
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