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Salad Fingers Karaoke

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Author Comments

Another old one, which people really seemed to like.



What song is that? It's great. Could you tell me? Thanks much.

Excellent movie, I added it to my favorites, because it's so awesome. I first didn't like salad fingers, and I thought this was funny, now I like salad fingers, and this is hilarious!

What does the crazy child say? "I fell in love with the people in my bung-hole"? It sounds just like that.

Anyways, good stuff.

MiddleFingerRings responds:

Hey man, thanks for the review. The song is; "The Nosebleed Section" by the Hilltop Hoodz. I think the kid says: "As I look around, the places I go, I fall in love with the people in the front row!" something like that anyways heh. Thanks for wasting your time!


Great stuff. I like the way you incorporated characters and themes from each cartoon (well, up to #6 as far as I could tell). Keep it up!

PS I think it's perfectly OK for a parody SF to have normal colored flesh.

MiddleFingerRings responds:

yeh ur right about it being only up to #6. There were 2 reasons for this, one being that I planned this b4 #7 came out, and 2 being I didnt really like the dead dude in seven. Thanks for your time!

milk and pie...

...it brings a tear to my eye :'(


MiddleFingerRings responds:


thanks for the rhymin' review!

(Jeez what I said just there was lame lol)

salad fingers can bmx lol

i watched this while eatin a fig roll and it left me in a coma 4 2 weeks only now can i write this review.

MiddleFingerRings responds:

that makes sense! Thanks fellow!


This was awsome, and its ok if you're red-green color blind [despite the fact that the money salad was holding wasn't also anouther color!]...wait does that meen you see the world in blues and greys?

MiddleFingerRings responds:

nope, I'm not sure, but I think it means I can see that green and brown and red or whatever are different, because they look different shades, but I couldnt say for sure what the name of the coulour is.... The fact that I got the money's colour (correct?) differently was a fluke, an off-chance. Thanks for the review fellow!

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4.07 / 5.00

Feb 24, 2006
5:05 PM EST
Music Video
  • Daily 5th Place February 25, 2006