Magic Demency Big Batle3

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IMPORTANT TO READ: HI, i thankx again for the rewies you've made, I submit this flash call the big battle III, it has the same characters of THE BIG ESCAPE but this time they figth a legion of soldiers and they wont run till theyre all dead, WARNING: i personally think the action is great, but is a stick animation, so please, if you are close minded about sticks dont lose your time here THANKS, if you like it, ill put THE BIG BATTLE I and II, please let me know if it is worth THANKS AGAIN



ROFLMAOZ THIS DESERVES A 10000000/5 & 99999999999999/10
unfortunetly the max is 5/5 &10/10
sry dude
PS: I would have voted 10000000/5 & 99999999999999/10


ZOMG this is insane my fave guy was da elemental dude HE RULED!!!


alright first: the music was great, and was synchronized very nicely. the whole battle was great, but got a bit repetetive (i dont mean too long, i mean some of the guys did the same move again and again and again. this movie was great though, and i like stick figure movies and games. the only thing i really didnt like was the dude with the arms. i mean, hes awesome, and a great idea, but when he was fighting he moved wayyyyy too slow (my opinion). keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!

Very good.

I loved this and the first one, I dont know why it's getting a bad score... *slaps all the people giving it a low rating* Anyways, I hope you keep making em.

The only thing I dont like it that wierd sound it plays when the Fighter/monk or whatever swings at the enemy.

nice one

i love this flash at the last battle part i was think this must have took u agers to do but iam surprised u didnt get 9/10 for this flash becaue it is very good =)

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2.93 / 5.00

Feb 24, 2006
7:08 AM EST
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