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..: Link vs. Zero :..

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[2006... I was young, lol]

Original Commentary (hehe):

My first flash movie!, Enjoy!!

Link Sprites by: SemiJuggalo

Sorry for the music quality.

>>>Low quality<<<


was very cool

i want to see the revenge. that was a very good figth

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I loved it the song choice, Link's comeback, the only thing I would fix is the animation . I hope you are making a sequel.

Nice Work!

Overall, A great sprite(am I spelling it right?)flash, yet a couple of comments:
1) I have read several reviews about the close-ups, although very unique and great, it's just a tadbit of an eyesore when seeing thousands of pixels (Hey, is that a dimple? no, just part of a shade :P, very confusing, even with the ROTMK-Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom-which they did that alot.)

2.Whoever posted about android's bleeding, missed most of the endings of MMX series, Zero(on the SNES) when cut in half or blown in half, had a clip where blood came out from his mouth-even in MM5, where he has just enough strength to kill a nearly dead sigma(Zero seems to have a lot of bad luck when losing his legs:/)

3.I am a little confused about how a normal (although it is a Master sword) sword vs. a pure energy blade sword (ponders about this)

4.Nice song, but I wonder if the song "Let the Bodies hit the floor" (who sings it by the way??) would have been better

5.What attack did Link use on Zero at the end? (the red orb thingy? Never saw that-or was it Din's fire attack?

6.You took me by surprise-I am a big Zelda fan and Zero fan (waiting on MMZ4 for GBA) and I thought Zero would win-Nice job fooling me!:D

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Xx-VGMaster-xX responds:

Sirvi Roxs!!
1) you're right!!!
2) You're right again; !!!
3) I'm also confused O.o lol
4) XD
5) Dins fire; And he also used Nayru's love when zero used the beam.
6) :D



link could never get hit master sword can stop time and travel throu time but it was good.

lol that was cool

good fight. try makeing some more if you can, when you do you can make it more of a better quality and you'll catch more people's attention. anyway it was very good. congratz! :D

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Feb 23, 2006
6:34 PM EST
  • Daily 3rd Place February 24, 2006